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The New York Transit Workers Union Local 100 is effectively utilizing social media to alert the city – and the world – as to the current rat problem in the New York City subway system.
The question is, why would anyone want to participate in this bizarre and horrifying activity? Fortunately for the TWU, their Rate My Rat competition is also outlandish enough that it has attracted national attention. While I am happy to see social media in action, this story sure does make me glad that I don’t have to take a subway to get to Gossett Marketing in the morning!
How Promotional Products Can Be Decor (and why that’s a good thing) I spent the long Labor Day weekend in Captiva, Florida with my family. A Misconception about Promotional Products I recently posted an article that pretty much just linked my readers to an excellent list of blog post ideas. Travelling on a subway in New York City may be efficient and cost-effective, but it certainly leaves you with no cell phone reception love.

T-Mobile has signed a 10-year agreement with Transit Wireless for access to an underground network they are building to service the NYC subway system. This union is using an online petition to demand an increase in the number of workers within the subway system, specifically those who clean the cars and platforms.
It is called Rate My Rat and it is a contest to rate the rats that riders encounter in the subways! Well, the person who finds the beastliest rat gets to ride the subways for free for an entire month! When I need inspiration for a new blog post, I very often turn to the Internet to see what I can drum up. This agreement will allow T-Mobile to provide service for customers in 277 subway stations across New York City. Participants simply take a picture of the rodent(s) and upload it to the website, where voters have the opportunity to judge them.

It’s a nice incentive for the TWU to offer because it really will entice people to play their game – which only serves to point out the rat problem in the subway. Getting that kind of coverage goes a long way – it’s powerful marketing that money simply cannot buy but which I’m sure will attract even more web traffic to their petition. Then there are the giant, scarred creatures who earn a “beastly” rating: they are truly horrifying!

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