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But while book titles can be searched online, the books themselves cannot be downloaded or taken out. The volumes stocked by the library are not the kinds of books most people would consider summer reading — “Financial Problems of the City of New York” is one title — and they also tend to be large and bulky. Below the library are the cavernous storerooms and vaults that contain some of the maps, books, photographs and other items that are part of the Municipal Archives.
From Jeremiah’s Vanishing New York come links to two piece about the stacks at the New York Public Library.
Sometime last year, the New York Public Library (NYPL) retired its pneumatic-tube system, which had been used to request books for more than a century.
The passing of a steampunk relic might occasion a fit of nostalgia and no more—in New York, the cycle of life is accelerated, which is perhaps why we are so attentive to our history—but in this case, something greater seemed to be at stake. I’ve used efficient, modern-looking microfilm machines, but not at the main branch of the New York Public Library. That said, there are few things I enjoy as much as digging through old newspapers and magazines on the hunt for research material.

Along the way,  a forgotten world comes alive, especially in the newspapers–advertisements, headlines, stories and pictures.
Detta bibliotek ar det tredje storsta publika biblioteket i Nordamerika och ar ett av Amerikas framsta bibliotek for forskningsandamal. They document the city’s government and leadership dating back to the unification of the boroughs into New York City in 1898, and back to the first mayor of the city, Thomas Willett, in 1665.
This change was made without ceremony or fanfare; I learned of it unexpectedly, when I walked into the catalog room prepared to deliver a call slip to a clerk behind a large wooden desk, only to find a notice directing me elsewhere.
One could hardly contrive a more blatant metaphor for the uneasy shift, in the world of letters, from the physical to the digital. Samtidigt ar det en av de storsta publika bibliotekssystemen i Amerika och ett av de storsta systemen for forskningsbibliotek i hela varlden. Biblioteket har ocksa blivit utnamnt som en av de fem viktigaste biblioteken i Amerika av historikern David McCullough. We’re at a moment of profound change in the way we consume information, and that change is shaping the kinds of information we value.

You still filled out a slip, and you still turned that slip over to a clerk, who would load it into a metal cartridge. Biblioteket har synts i ett urval olika filmer, bland annat Breakfast at Tiffany’s fran 1961, Escape from New York, 1981 och serien Sex and the City, 2008. With a slurpy shoomp, the cartridge would be driven by air pressure to a station down in the stacks, where another clerk would retrieve your book, which was then sent back up to the call desk by a dumbwaiter. How does one even begin to think about designing libraries in a time of rapidly developing technologies and shifting programs?

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