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Composite (New York City Subway car) — Composite 1904 Rendering of an IRT Composite Manufacturer Jewett Car Company St.
New York City Subway rolling stock — The New York City Subway is a large rapid transit system and has a large fleet of rolling stock. New York City Subway — Die MTA New York City Subway, auch „New York Subway“ oder einfach „Subway“ genannt, ist das U Bahn Netz von New York City. Rollmaterial der New York City Subway — Die Geschichte des Rollmaterials der New York City Subway ist ahnlich kompliziert wie die New Yorker U Bahn selbst.
April 11, 2013 By A new report commissioned by New York City has resurrected the idea of extending the subway’s 7 train to Secaucus Junction. A 47-page report posted on New York City’s Economic Development Corp website on Wednesday highlights  the benefits of such an extension, including direct access from New Jersey to the west side of Manhattan and Queens. The extension would be a tremendous asset to Secaucus commuters, who could access nearly any area of Manhattan and Queens from Secaucus Junction. New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg supported the plan last year after New Jersey Governor Chris Christie cancelled the ARC tunnel project, which was estimated to be $1 billion over budget.
The MTA is behind a different plan that involved building a $13.5 billion “Gateway Tunnel” that would accommodate many more trains during peak hours.

Dating young couple happy in love taking selfie photo on Times Square, New York City at night. It may be 75 feet long despite the fact the MTA has stated after the procurement of the R68 s that there will be no more 75 foot cars due to system constraints.
It could also bring in more potential residents who would have more direct access to more areas of the city. But then-MTA chairman Joe Lohta said a year ago that it wouldn’t happen “…in anybody’s lifetime.” Lohta is now a candidate to become Bloomberg’s successor for the New York City mayorship. However, the 7 train extension could co-exist with the proposed tunnel, according to the report commissions by New York City.
The R44 had orange and yellow plastic bucket seats, a feature which many later models would later incorporate.
The tone consists of two notes which are often described as "bing-bong" since they are the same as the first two notes of the Westminster Chimes. This has become the signature sound of the New York City subway and is still used with new cars.The R44 also set the world speed record for a subway car. On January 31, 1972, the New York City Transit Authority (NYCTA) used a train of R44 cars to conduct speed trials on the Long Island Rail Road's main line tracks between Woodside and Jamaica.

The NYCTA repeated the speed trial, this time purposely disabling two out of four motors per car, to indirectly simulate the effect of a rush hour crowd of passengers. The rollsigns on the sides of the cars were replaced with electronic LCD signs which remain today. The Staten Island Railway's 64 R44 type cars are modified to FRA standards for passenger equipment running on a freight road. Cars are numbered 388-466, all single units with couplers (no permanent sets), with 436-466 even numbers only. 388-399 are transfers from the subway system.The MTA is planning to replace the R44's with cars that are tentatively called the R179.

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