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With 11 locomotives, 60 gondola cars, and approximately 269 miles of track, the New York and Atlantic Railway is a relatively small freight train operation that services Long Island and New York City. Urbanization working in harmony with natural elements giving life to human and global well being. I was excited to find this stash of locomotives hidden behind the bend of the only service road leading away from the tracks.
At about this point, I was spotted by the Bull, who seemed rather perplexed as to how to approach the fact that I was on the inside the gate zipping along his private property on my bike, snapping photos and trying to get out while he was outside the fence on public property, trying to get in to confront me.
So I shot only these few low-quality flicks from the hip, but am posting them here anyway in hopes that some random railfan or trainspotter might come along that could tell me more about the New York and Atlantic Railway.
Although these engines no longer seem to haul such cars as these, they most definitely haul the garbage cars and gondolas back and forth between English Kills and East New York, forming quite an industrial little railroad.This article has been viewed 17962 times in the last 7 years Luke1972: So what happened with the bull?

The New York and Atlantic was the freight arm of the Long Island Railroad until they sold it in 1997. The Cross Harbor Rail Road runs along 1st Avenue in Sunset Park and around the Bush Terminal area. I was there with 2 other writers, i got chased by some track workers and ended up running in front of a moving train, tracks arent what they used to be . The short line railroad was formed in 1997 when the LIRR decided to get out of the freight business and sold it off, while agreeing to lease the tracks. They modified some Classic Metal Works vehicles and a Athearn model into real driving vehicles. The cars also know exactly where they are on the layout with infra-red lights hidden in the scenery.

Apparently, they're a rather new short-line railroad that has taken over minor (and comparatively infrequent) freight operations on these disused Long Island Rail Road freight tracks. The cars are made with the technology of DC Cars in The Netherlands and ride on a hidden magnetic strip.

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