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News, articles, and general information regarding General Motors and the new line of Chevrolet Cars & Trucks. Current promotions, sales events, press releases, and all the latest news from Cedar Rapids #1 Chevy dealer, Pat McGrath Chevyland! We put the new line of Chevrolet Cars & Trucks head to head against competitive vehicles in the Cedar Rapids automotive market!
The service will be sold by Chrysler as “Uconnect Web”? which creates an EV-DO cellular connection which is then converted to Wi-Fi so that many passengers in the car can get secure Web access on their laptops, video game devices and other equipment, simultaneously, without wires, said Sterling Pratz, CEO of Autonet Mobile, which supplies the device to Chrysler. It will deliver download speeds from 400kbps to 800kbps with upload speeds averaging 400kbps. I love this story since it always amused me when people would say that Sat Radio would become irrelevant when cars had hotspots as if that would be a cheaper option.
I will say I love Downloading shows on the SiriusXM app and listening to those via Bluetooth.
One of my favorite segments on the 60s Satellite Survey is Mike Kelley's Classic Cars- he tells which models were released to the public for the very 1st time.
Mercedes-Benz owners can now equip their vehicles with Autonet Mobile’s Wi-Fi entertainment system, allowing passengers to bring their iPads, laptops and other Wi-Fi-enabled devices into the vehicle for safe online access while on the road. The new Mercedes-Benz In-Vehicle Hot Spot, powered by Autonet Mobile, is an accessory available for all current (MY12 and older) C, E, S, M, R and GL-class vehicles and can be purchased and installed at authorized Mercedes-Benz dealerships. Using the new Mercedes-Benz In-Vehicle Hot Spot, passengers, including those in the rear-seat, can use their laptop, tablet or smartphone as they would in their home or office – from gaming and streaming movies to surfing the net.
The Mercedes-Benz In-Vehicle Hot Spot can be ordered with new vehicles or installed in existing models and comes with a six-month complimentary service, courtesy of Autonet Mobile. GM announced that by the 2015 model year, most of its cars will be fully functional internet hotspots, capable of hosting mobile devices and untethering the cars from a required smartphone connection.

While GM has not announced which specific Buick, GMC, and Cadillac vehicles will be made into driving internet cafes, it has said that it plans to give most of the 2015 models  4G LTE broadband technology, which is the fastest internet stream currently available. The new technology will give these vehicles smoother access to online services such as weather, and traffic reports, and news. Vehicles with GM’c current infotainment technologies will still be available, but the new 4G LTE connection will allow for further services like backseat streaming video.
One of the most important aspects of the vehicles will be the ability to upgrade software in order to stay up-to-date with current technologies and apps.
Not only will the car be internet connected, but it will also serve as mobile hotspots for devices such as iPads and laptops.
In the US, the internet-powered cars will be backed by AT&T, but GM plans to shop globally for internet carriers in global markets such as Europe and Asia. In the near future, Buick, GMC, and Cadillac cars will feature advanced 4G LTE directly embedded in their equipment, making for an even better driving experience. Freeing the car from a required smartphone connection in order to connect to the internet should make for a friendlier driving experience with easier access and transition between internet services. Call McGrath Buick GMC Cadillac today at 888-696-1133 to learn more about these advanced vehicles.
If you are interested in a new car right now, you can fill out a Pre-Approval Form and get started right away. Internet connection is made possible via a WiFi router (dealer fit accessory) with a UMTS USB modem and a 3G SIM (user provided).
Roaming is disabled to avoid bill shock as data usage when outside the home network is very expensive.
As the USB modem is detachable, the user can remove it from the car and use it at home with a laptop, for example.

Peugeot is likely to follow as it already offers this feature on some of its models like the 5008.
Customers will be able to order new cars with this as an option or have older cars retrofitted for $35-$50. Autonet Mobile plans to offer a car hot spot for other new cars next year through a partnership deal with Delphi. The Wi-Fi service operates within 100 feet of the car and the Wi-Fi connection is secured with WEP and other encryptions. It may not display this or other websites correctly.You should upgrade or use an alternative browser.
Please upgrade to a more recent version to be able to access all the features of this website.
The In-Vehicle Hot Spot is enabled by a router securely installed in the vehicle trunk and allows up to four devices to connect at once. After the initial six-month complimentary service, Autonet Mobile offers convenient additional services that customers may choose from.
Users can connect any portable device to this WiFi hotspot in the car to access the Internet. I happened to stumble upon a site that offers a lot of free mp3’s and claim they pay their members for uploading but has someone here tried them out?

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