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In Rocrail, the sensor addresses can be calculated from the AIU address: sensor address = AIU address * 16 + number of input - 1. The NCE documentation indicates that the following NCE commands are not currently supported by the USB interface, only the serial (RS-232) interface. The NCE PowerHouse Pro 10 amp system for O and G scale is a full 10 amp DCC system with real performance.

A black 6' curly cord for all NCE handsets (When used with the Smart Booster or 5 amps systems). Cabs all become walkaround and it takes the number of simultaneous trains to 12 so operationals are greatly increased.
If you also need a power supply, we recommend our DCCconcepts PSU-2 that delivers a perfectly regulated, very stable 18v DC at up to 5 amps (Irrespective of mains power voltage).

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