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So far I have had only one small issue with a series of turnouts and a dead spot that was overcome with a few more feeders. I also wanted to add to this by ensuring that the bulb and switch where all housed in the one easy to locate location next to each other, with the ability to tag what wiring block they protected, I also wanted to use a system that would not require soldering wires to bulb and make it easy to change bulbs when required. After the last video posting of our layout update receiving positive feedback, I've decided to post the next episode on how I created the Short Management Device for our layout.

With temperature change electrical tape will want to tighten and looas start to un-wrap itself and wires will begin to start hanging down where it can catch on clothing on just dangle down into view. Connects to an NCE Switch-It or Switch8 accessory decoder to provide two SPDT or one DPDT replay output for switching up to 2 amps of power. The Zip Ties will keep the wires secure and keep the tape wraps in place for years and years.
The cab provides all of the capability and ease of use of the Power Pro system, but at an entry level price.

And, the Power Cab doubles as a regular Deluxe Pro Cab if you operate at a layout with a larger NCE DCC system.

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