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In addition to the main throttle unit, the DCC Twin includes a 1-Amp power supply, which is powerful enough to handle two HO or N scale DCC-equipped locomotives. Train sets can be found at department stores, toy stores, and hardware stores, but you’ll typically find a better selection at your local hobby shop. Most train sets come with a locomotive, three to five freight or passenger cars, a power pack, wires to connect the power pack to the track, and enough track to make a simple circle or oval. Once you’ve purchased a set, put the track on a sheet of plywood, a tabletop, or other hard surface. Model railroading is the world’s greatest hobby, and a train set is one way you can experience the exciting world of model trains.
Would you like to learn more about how to get started in the great hobby of model railroading?
New model trains for the week of December 31, 2015New model railroad products from American Z Line, Atlas, Bowser Trains, and more! Accordingly, We believe that when you decide to go to Command Control that you do so with the least anxiety, the best support, the most security and choose a system that you decide is best for you. The older reed-switch detectors were replaced with NCE detectors that were modified to drive the relays used in this section of the layout. When I had a chance to look over the Block Watcher (the intelligent detector) I found that it would handle my simple setup and also some very complex applications. One of the problems with the Twin-Tee decoders occurred in the winter with wet weather and wooden ties. The Block Watcher can also be turned on (occupied) or off by sending it an accessory command. One important thing to do is mark the block name or number near the Block Watcher so it can be identified later.
When programming the Block Watcher you need to turn the layout power off each time you move the jumper.
When programming with Digitrax systems you need to disconnect the Block Watcher when you power up. I did have one very usually problem where one block was turning on intermittently when a train was in another block. If you are connecting the Block Watcher to relays you need to add a diode, like a 1N4001 or 1N914, to the relay coil. If you need to detect equipment in a block, regardless of scale, the Block Watcher is certainly the best choice presently available. The unit is as easy to master as a DC power pack, and also allows easy access to several user-triggered effects.
The unit also comes with a plug-in set of screw terminals for the track leads from a pair of terminal rail joiners or rail section (not included). Some sets may also include turnouts and a variety of accessories, such as a bridge or tunnel, telephone poles, trees and vehicles.An important consideration to make when purchasing a train set is who it is for.
Injection-molded plastic kit with light-emitting-diode interior lighting, printed color drapes and window-detail sheet, and snap-together assembly. Injection-molded plastic kit with tower and keeper’s quarters, flashing light-emitting diode for tower, and snap-together assembly. If you do not like it, send it back for your refund or exchange (subject to restock charge at discretion of Tony's Train Exchange). Electro-Motive Division F7A, stockcar, gondola, single-dome tank car, boxcar, and caboose painted red, white, and blue. Clock light, ball light, park light, streetlight, highway light (two versions), and curved light. Clock light, ball light, park light (two versions), streetlight, highway light, and curved light (two versions). 1:50-proprotion die-cast metal model with positionable blade, detailed cab interior, and clear window glazing.
1:25-proportion die-cast metal model with positionable parts, detailed cab interior, and clear window glazing. Many of the features of the Block Watcher are programmable to match a layouts requirements. This will prevent the voltage kick back that occurs when the relay is turned off from damaging the Block Watcher output device.
The PSX-AR will change the phase (polarity) of the DCC, but this will not affect the Block Watcher. The flexibility and reliability of the USA made Block Watcher has made it the choice of professional layout installers. Train sets are designed to be fun no matter what your age, and to spark your interest in model railroading as a lifelong hobby.Train sets are available in every scale, and they make it easy to have trains up and running in a short amount of time. Injection-molded plastic kit with light-emitting-diode interior lighting, window mullions molded into glazing, and snap-together assembly.
Includes 38” x 47” oval of Power-Loc track, 10-piece snap-in bridge-and-pier set, lineside details, and power pack.

Light-emitting diode, brass construction, and quick connection plug in wire harness with resistors. Factory-assembled and -weathered structures with detail parts, printed interiors, and lights. Each kit contains seven colors in pan (cake-like) format, palette tray with cover, and Sofft applicators. The problem with photo cells is the light level in the room can’t be reduced without affecting the status of the detection circuit. One of the features that makes it easy to install is that the Block Watcher is self powered an does not need extra power.
The Block Watcher avoids this by automatically adjusting to any leakage current up to 130 milliamps each time when it is powered up. This is handy for testing out the signals or for a dispatcher to set a block as red to control train traffic.
The layout is common ground so only the two input connections were needed and a single wire on the output (pin 1) to feed the block power. The puzzle was solved when I looked at the Block Watcher and noticed that the power wire feeding the block, that had the false indication, was routed just above the top of the small transformer on the BW. Second, hobbyshop employees, especially those in stores that specialize in model trains, are better able to answer questions you may have about train sets and getting started in the hobby.
Retooled with thinned stirrup steps and door gussets, metal wheelsets, and Proto-Max couplers. Prototype-specific details, can motor with dual flywheels, and extra front truck with coupler. Separately applied bell and handrails, prototype-specific stack, and Accumate knuckle couplers. Features expansion port to add extra walkaround throttles, computer control, and automation devices. This was way back in the 1970's when little was available in the way of detectors and signal circuits.
I’ve even heard of a case where sunlight that leaked in to a room would cause block detectors to fail to detect a train. Needless to say I have been looking for a replacement for the ageing Twin-Tees that would be more compatible with DCC. CV54 is used to set the value for the leakage current if the automatic setting is not used. The switched output was connected with one wire to the common ground connection and the other to the output line of the old detectors. I did a little checking and determined that I had set the jumper on the board to use the CV value and not the automatic leakage detecting. If you install the Block Watcher before the PSX-AR current used by the PSX-AR may look like an occupied block.
Tips on layout planning, benchwork, track, wiring, and scenery are covered elsewhere in this booklet. Third, hobby shops carry items you’ll need to further enhance your set, such as rolling stock, scenery materials, buildings, and vehiclesMost model train sets, such as this Piko large scale set, include a locomotive, cars, a loop of track, and a power pack. The equipment in these scales is larger and easier to handle, and it’s designed to withstand some rough use. Prototype-specific shaker brackets and outlets, wire grab irons and brake piping, and body-mounted McHenry scale couplers. Metal grab irons, etched-metal crossover platforms, and 70-ton trucks with 33” metal wheelsets.
In the first section of the layout I designed a detector using a reed-switch mounted in a coil of wire. The old detectors also required a 12 volt connection that was no longer needed as the Block Watcher is self powered.
This allows you to work at changing the setting without having to run back and forth to the power switch. Children older than 8 typically do fine with HO scale trains.However, if the train set is for the entire family, any scale, Z through large, is fine.
By the time the second section of the layout was built an enhanced version of Linn Westcott’s Twin-Tee was used for detection.
The detect (switched) output is optoisolated from the rest of the circuits and can switch up to 1 amp AC or DC and 30 volts maximum. As I have been converting the layout to DCC I have found a lot of wire has been removed from the layout.
Can motor with flywheel, RP-25 contour metal wheels, and deck- or body-mounted handrails as appropriate. Five-pole skew-wound motor with dual flywheels, wire grab irons, and two painted crew figures.
Digital Command Control decoders with No Halt InsuranceDigital Command Control decoders with No Halt Insurance.

This all worked fine with DC, but when DCC was connected to the rails, the old reed-switch detectors would not work at all!
1:43-proportion die-cast metal model with positionable doors and hood, detailed interior, and acrylic case with base. Conrail (brown in one road number and blue), Penn Central (brown in one number and green), and Pennsylvania RR (Eastern Region with and without antenna, Lake Region with antenna, orange, Pittsburgh Region with shadow keystone and black roof, Western Region with black roof, and yellow cupola with antenna). Golden-white light-emitting-diode headlights, modeler-installed snow plow and winterization hatch, and Accumate couplers. No Halt Insurance allows a typical HO scale locomotive to travel over a stretch of dirty track up to 3 feet long without the lights flickering. With this hi current and hi sensitive detection the Block Watcher should work with any scale, Z to G. Die-cast metal chassis and hood, plastic cab and pilots, motor with dual flywheels, 6-pin plug for Digital Command Control decoder, directional lighting, prototype-specific grills, and Accumate knuckle couplers. When the layout is powered up and the Block Watcher is set for automatic it will set the level of detection to just slightly higher than the current flowing to the block.
Includes GP9M diesel locomotive with working headlight and Digital Command Control decoder, 50-foot boxcar, 50-foot flatcar, 50-foot gondola, wide-cupola caboose, power pack, 38 x 54-inch oval of Bachmann EZ-Track with steel rail, and World’s Greatest Hobby 60-minute DVD Building your First Railroad.
Includes internationally approved power supply (United States, Canada, European Union, United Kingdom, and Australia).
If you have a locomotive or lighted car(s) setting in the block and the current is not very high (less than the 130 ma) the Block Watcher will set this current as the off setting and ignore to detect the equipment in the block. If you have blocks where equipment idle, then you can use CV54 setting to avoid this problem. To determine the right CV setting on my layout I removed all equipment from the rails and started with a value of 10 in CV 54. Die-cast aluminum headstock, 24-pole balanced motor, and variable speeds from 5,000 – 20,000 rpm. Brewster Green cab, Smith & Sons General Hauling, state highway department, and Swift’s Red cab.
Next the value was lowered to zero, it was still working correctly and gave me the best sensitivity. Plastic cab with detailed interior, positionable dump and tailgate part, and clear headlight lenses. This coming winter the current level may have to be raised if there are any false detections. Five-pole skew-wound motor with dual flywheels, separately applied details, and Accumate knuckle couplers. Most of the blocks out on the mainline were set in the automatic mode as these blocks are normally unoccupied. Includes diesel locomotive with working headlight, 50-foot boxcar, 50-foot flatcar, 50-foot gondola, wide-cupola caboose, speed and direction controller, 38 x 54-inch oval of Bachmann EZ-Track with steel rail, and World’s Greatest Hobby 60-minute DVD “Building Your First Railroad.” $150. Plastic cab with detailed interior, vintage-style stake bed with tailgate, and chrome-plated parts. Die-cast metal chassis, all-wheel drive with flywheels, and E-Z Mate Mark II knuckle couplers. Paul’s Fresh Produce ($16.99) includes pickup truck, two figures, and assorted produce baskets. Norfolk Southern heritage schemes: Central of Georgia, Lehigh Valley, Nickel Plate Road, Pennsylvania RR, and Southern Ry.
Southern Pacific: Sierra version class MC-1 with 90-R tender, Colton version class MC-1 with 98-SC tender, Cab-Forward class MC-2 with 90-R or 98-SC-1 tender, and sport cab class AC-3 with 120-SC-2 or 120-SC-4 tender.
Coos Bay Lumber, Georgia Pacific, Milwaukee Road, Northern Pacific, Simpson, West Side Lumber, and Weyerhauser.
All cars featured injection-molded plastic body, metal wheels and axles, and Kadee-compatible knuckle couplers.
Light-emitting diode interior lighting, prototype-specific details, and Kadee knuckle couplers.
Heavyweight 36-seat diners (C&NW 6933 and 6935) and lightweight 3-1-1 sleeper (George S. Joseph or Point Washington; and buffet lounge with enclosed end Columbia Canyon or Columbia Basin. Petersburg connection: 12-1 sleeper Orange Farm, 6-3 sleeper Glen Sutton, and diner Silver Springs 1009. Eight-car set: 70-foot postal baggage, 60-foot baggage (ex-baggage-dynamo), 70-foot horse baggage, four 60-foot common standard baggage cars (one each class 60-B-9, 60-B-5, 60-B-6, and 60-B-8), and 60-foot chair car.
Individual 60-foot baggage-dynamo, 60-foot baggage, 60-foot coach, 70-foot horse baggage, 70-foot baggage-Railway Post Office, and 72-foot chair car with news agent also available.

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