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N Train - Greetings from New York [NY18] - $3.50 : Tastement, Stationery full of flavor and fun!
If any specific grade caught me off guard, it was for the train announcements being easy to hear.
If you enjoyed this post, please consider to leave a comment or subscribe to the feed and get future articles delivered to your feed reader. All photos are by Jeremiah Cox This Website is maintained and copyright © 2003-2014, Jeremiah Cox. The MTA says it suspended service because it was afraid passengers might get stuck between stations. The retro design of the map is modeled after the much beloved 1970s-era Massimo Vignelli guide, so missed by some New Yorkers that a copy is on display in the Museum of Modern Art. The interactive map is searchable by line, borough and station, and it flags trouble spots with blinking lights.
Saturday and Sunday straphangers in New York know too well that the MTA takes advantage of the weekends to make repairs on the tracks. Elijah Blake Gives 7 Tips How NOT To Act Around A Celeb, Plus Talks New EP, His First Big Check & More! Astoria Blvd-Hoyt Ave is the second to last stop on the Astoria Branch and located directly above the entrance to the Triborough Bridge.
The station has the standard dilapidated condition with the two paint peeling concrete side platforms with concrete canopies for the four-track (with only one of the middle tracks used) line. Then the Metropolitan Transportation Authority suspended service, stranding the train from 2 a.m.

It said it had intended to use the empty train to clear snow from tracks later in the morning.
Click, and the site will reveal a rundown of what woe awaits, whether a closed platform or an unexpected station stop. Service is often delayed, trains get rerouted, and other trains run different paths altogether.
It is the one express stop on the line with two island platforms for the 3 track line (when W trains running via the center track weekdays peak direction from its first start of service in July 22, 2011 at that Manhattan Bridge flop and January 15, 2002 when discontinued because it was unpopular with commuters, this was the only intermediate stop between Ditmars Blvd and Queensboro Plaza). The top 3 priorities could be flip flopped in any order as each would be justified in the #1 slot.
I wonder if people really had a hard time hearing the announcements (doubtful) or they were too wrapped up in their own word (probable).
The stations single entrance is to 8th Avenue; located along a bridge across the trenched ROW is form the eastern end of the station.
The entrance to 18 Avenue is at the east end of the station and contains the full time token both and turnstiles, in the standard concrete station house above the tracks, it leads out to the east side of its respective street.
Did you not understand how he was trying to justify his absence at shacharis in a humoros manner? The L train, for example, is completely canceled along a good chunk of its route for two weekends this month.
The two island platforms give an amazing view of the toll plaza of the Triborough Bridge and are canopied near their midsections but exposed at either end. If they do happen to come back for a 3rd go-around, I suggest a different approach to getting maximum response.

A single staircase from each platform leads up to an enclosed concrete overpass where doors lead into the small concrete station house that is above the middle tracks.
The other, eastern entrance contains only high turnstile equipment in its own station house and leads out to the west side of 17 Avenue. Each platform has two staircases in the middle and just south of the middle of the platforms, these each lead to a separate free change of direction cross under and two separate banks of turnstiles with the token booth in between them. There is an abandoned bridge towards the western end of the station that led to another secondary station exit.
The interior of this station house was completely gutted and rebuilt with most of it now non-public rooms, the walls are unusually tiled and a yellow-cream color with a low turquoise and red lower line, and trim line.
One entrance to the turnstiles along each platform is through enclosures with little windows and the station house is also measly enclosed by windscreened dividers on each of the two sides of the fare control area.
Each station entrance has only one staircase down to each platform that leads to an enclosed overpass and the entrance to the station house that is over the middle unused tracks. Here no doors, making it not really feel like a station house, lead out to what are signed as overpasses (along with the subway entrance) across the entrance plaza to the Triborough Bridge, beneath each side of the subway elevated structure with a staircase at each of the four far apart corners of this huge plaza along the two roads of Astoria Blvd, the service roads of the Grand Central Parkway and 31 Street.

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