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If any specific grade caught me off guard, it was for the train announcements being easy to hear.
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Even if that anticipated $14 billion project, called Gateway, were started now, the tunnel portion wouldn't be complete until 2025 at the earliest, said Stephen Gardner, Amtrak's vice president of Northeast Corridor infrastructure investment. In the interim, there is no viable contingency plan in place if one of the two tubes in the tunnel has to be taken out of service for an extended period, which would reduce train traffic during rush hour from 24 trains to six, Gardner told the Senate Legislative Oversight Committee. Two of four high-voltage electrical cables that date back to the 1930s failed, causing backups on four of five days during the week of July 20. Monday's hearing came as the major stakeholders in the tunnel project — the governors of New Jersey and New York, the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey and the federal Department of Transportation — grapple with how to pay for it.
Gardner told lawmakers that it would cost Amtrak $1 billion per year just to keep its Northeast Corridor infrastructure in a state of good repair, and it would cost an additional $4 billion per year to complete its backlog of projects on the 457-mile corridor, a span that includes numerous century-old bridges and a 142-year-old tunnel in Baltimore. Amtrak gets about $1.4 billion annually in federal funding, he said, of which about $300 million is used for Northeast Corridor needs. Gardner said Amtrak is seeking to have the government pay for 80 percent of the Gateway project, similar to what it does with aviation and interstate highway projects. Environmental and design studies for the Hudson tunnels, if they began this fall, would take roughly four years to complete, Gardner said. In the wake of the July delays, Foxx sent a letter to Cuomo and Christie urging them to meet with him within two weeks to put together a strategy for building new crossings under the river.
Cuomo then sent a letter and Christie issued a statement urging the federal government to come up with more money for the current project.

New Jersey lawmakers will conduct two hearings to investigate recent commuter railroad delays and the prospects of building a new rail tunnel into Manhattan. Gordon said senators will look beyond the immediate issues, probing the agencies about contingency plans for when one of the aging tubes must be closed for major repairs.
Rethinking the commute: How to travel happier on the TubeHow much happier would Britons be if they had better commutes?
To get the most out of the site and to ensure guides display correctly, we suggest upgrading your browser now. Amtrak is analyzing the cables to determine whether saltwater damage from Superstorm Sandy in 2012 contributed to the failures. Andrew Cuomo said the large price tag for a new tunnel means a sizeable federal investment — not a loan — is required. The states' share could be financed through a low-interest federal loan program that has about $30 billion available for rail infrastructure projects, he said. The Port Authority, the bistate agency that manages tunnels, bridges, airports and transit in New York City and northern New Jersey, also sent a letter to Foxx urging a bigger financial commitment. The first hearing will be held on Monday at the statehouse in Trenton, where state senators say they will question a top Amtrak official about the delays last month along the Northeast Corridor. The tunnel, already showing signs of age, sustained heavy damage from sea water that flooded the tubes during Hurricane Sandy.
MBTA spokesman Joe Pesaturo said a defect in the third rail caused two trains to be disabled, leading to severe delays on the Orange Line. The top 3 priorities could be flip flopped in any order as each would be justified in the #1 slot.
I wonder if people really had a hard time hearing the announcements (doubtful) or they were too wrapped up in their own word (probable). New York is already taking on two other big-ticket projects, a new LaGuardia Airport and a replacement for the Tappan Zee Bridge, both of which are projected to cost about $4 billion.

Booker's request to see what the Obama administration has in mind," said the spokeswoman, Nicole Sizemore. The problems, Amtrak says, were caused by the failure of two high-voltage power feeds, dramatically reducing the amount of electricity available to move trains into and out of New York Penn Station, including NJ Transit trains. If they do happen to come back for a 3rd go-around, I suggest a different approach to getting maximum response. Amtrak estimates that it will have to close one of the tubes within a decade to make repairs—a task that could take two years. Cory Booker next week to discuss Gateway's future, Department of Transportation spokesman Jon Romano said. That would leave just one track to carry the Northeast Corridor, the nation’s busiest railway, into and out of Manhattan.
Democrats have used the recent delays to point fingers at Governor Chris Christie, who unilaterally canceled a new rail tunnel project over concerns about cost and design. An Amtrak capital program known as Gateway includes a project that would add a new tunnel to Penn Station, but the program remains underfunded by billions of dollars and would take a decade to complete, officials said. State transportation commissioner Jamie Fox and NJ Transit executive director Veronique Hakim are expected to appear at a second hearing in September. The hearings will also focus on broader questions about transportation funding in New Jersey.
Recently, NJ Transit balanced its budget by cutting spending and raising bus and trains fares by 9 percent, even as users complained about deteriorating service.
Discussions about raising New Jersey’s gasoline tax, the second-lowest in the nation, are likely to play out over the next year.

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