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There seem to be many more N scalers participating in N scale specific sections of other forums, so just recognize that you'd hear a completely different story there.
If you don't have any rolling stock, your space could accept anything from a Z-scale empire to beautiful downtown Toonerville, complete with 4-wheel Birney, in G! I'm aware that some readers will have come across this blog only recently and will have no background knowledge of model railways let alone French model railways. Since I cannot do much with my layout over the next few days I thought I would reprise some of the general issues involved. I didn't know that; perhaps, when I look up HO related items on the internet I should also search for H0 (aitch zero).
The advantage of N scale is that one can run 8, 9 or 10 coach passenger trains on a layout at home whereas space usually prohibits doing the same for HO scale. Apparently, Boris Pasternak, called the early years of the 20th Century, "the era of Scriabin". Today, I have taken the plunge and downloaded Ollie Mustonen's recently released album of Scriabin piano pieces.
Paul Ingraham30 October 2013 at 18:07The title of your blog caught my eye, both as a musician and a railway modeller. As previously noted, O-scale has the advantage of being larger, so easier to see and work on (also costlier). I modeled in N Scale back in the 80's but now have little to feeling in my hands so handling the smaller stuff is more difficult, hence my decision to go with HO.

I have bifocals, floaters in the eyeballs, shakey hands and what all else--and I'm still in N scale---why? There is a lot to say about any scale, but which way to go is mainly a question of space available and  funds. There was an article (IIRC MRP '09) that was about a room sized plan where the person was debating between HO and N. Athearn makes there N F45 and FP45 with sound, Precision Metal Craft makes a 4-8-2 with sound, but they can be as expensive and in some cases more expensive than an HO train with sound. And N-scale has the advantage of being smaller so you can model a lot more railroad in the same space, which is also appealing.
I would have gone with O Scale but I don't have the room for a believable layout in that scale.
That's a way to get an idea for yourself -- and this is definitely a personal decision. Because I love the detail work--I love the space saving and the fact that one can build up a large layout in a smaller area. HO scale still offers the biggest variety in equipment and accessories, but N scale is not far behind any longer. He chose HO because he needed fewer engines (around 2-3) and fewer cars (20-30) compared to an equivalent sized (same area) N scale layout, which as he stated could use up to 35 engines and 100 or MORE cars. I have a little bit long arms so I can reach the back of a 30" shelf at 4 feet high no problem.

The speaker is small, so sound quality and volume lack, modifications will need to be made to the chassic, possibly the body as well, and this is with longer 6-axle diesels, forget smaller 4 axles. I have no first hand observance of either of these gauges except for the fact that I owned an HO set quite a few years ago; the detail on the pieces at the time was excellent. The level of detail available in N scale is amazing when compared to the beginnings of this scale in the 1960?s.
This was just freight handling too, he didn't factor in any additional cars and engines for passenger service.
I know this will show some stupidity, but at one point I tacked some N track (did this with HO too) down to a shelf board laying around, set some N scale rolling stock and an engine, and came up with a 54" viewing height (chin height on me).
It would have been excellent for making me and any operators feel like they're in the layout, but veeeeeeeeery cruddy when trying to build the thing, or hand turn an engine, or rerail a derail, or pretty much every aspect of model RRing except for watching a train run around.
N scale would allow me to have a more elaborate layout but I would like to have the detail and sense of realism that I remember the HO scale presented.

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