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Because of the question in the GA&E topic, I decided I'd take some photos of some of the vehicles and vehicle kits I have. Front row: CMW '54 Ford F350, a '51 Ford of unknown ancestry (and dimensionally challenged), RA Ford? Note that the black RA castings came as a job lot with no wheels, so in some cases I am guessing as to model (and possibly even manufacturer). The ones to the left are mostly Bachmann, the others are a mix from various smaller sources.
These files are stored on your computer and help remember your login name, display name and the site content that you have already read or contributed to. To confirm your understanding and acceptance of this please click on OK to continue using the site. This is perhaps one of the most detailed N Scale Vehicles I have ever seen in recent years. I have always had a little thing for smart cars, whenever I see one drive off down the road I am in awe. I don’t know about you, but I absolutely love to make up farm scenes in my layouts, and that really isn’t possible with a couple of tractors right? This is a fantastically detailed ‘retro’ style bus, and thus it is going to be perfect for those layouts which tend to have very ‘60s’ overtones. I love this little set, it may not be the N Scale Vehicle on top of every list, but it certainly is something to look at, even just to gaze at the absolute beauty of these cabs. I was in two minds about including an Oxford vehicle in this list, however, I finally decided that I should.
I love this vehicle because it is so incredibly detailed, and the beautiful yellow really adds a whole new dimension to my layouts.
Hey everyone, I am in a posission where I may be able to mold N scale Humvees and HEMMTs in N scale here in the next few months.

I found a good source of N scale vehicles it's on ebay and the seller is Nscaleworld, he has all kinds even mobile home trailers, I like the rusted ones since I have a junkyard on my layout.
Hobby - something you get goofy about to keep from going goofy about the world.The greatest oak was once a little nut that held its ground. Thanks for the heads up I have 3 of the rust bucket ones on order for my junk yard, they should be ok for that I would hate to destroy a good vehicle for my junk yard! For what they are I think they'd work, just use them as filler vehiclesOne interesting idea is perhaps you could use them to force a perspective.
Anybody would be proud to have the piggy-packer on display within their home, or even to add a bit of personality into their scale vehicles. I was especially surprised when they were launched as N Scale Vehicles, after all, they don’t seem to get much love from road drivers. I have taken a little look at a few, but honestly none of them come close to the quality that is incorporated in the Massey Fergusson Tractor. That is a shame really, I always find that a beautiful tanker seems to complement layouts well, and I haven’t seen one as beautiful as this as of late, it is going to look absolutely stunning whether you are complementing a train layout or something else. Therefore they are an absolute must have for anybody that works with the N Scale, without a doubt! The great thing about these vehicles is that they can fit into almost any layout (providing you are not harking back too far into the past), and as I mentioned, they look fantastic to boot. Of course they do, and in my opinion these fantastic little N Scale vehicles are some of the best out there on the market. After all, their N Scale Vehicles may be some of the cheapest on the market, but they are incredibly well detailed! That explains a lot of the soap bar look.I will no release anything that is not 100% there.
This particular model has won numerous awards around the globe due to its design, and it really isn’t difficult to see why it is loved so much.
The offerings from Busch are absolutely sublime, and these should certainly be on the top of the list of anybody that is looking to create a modern layout, or simply wants to display something awesome on their shelf.

These particular vehicles come in a range of decals and are the preferred vehicle types for some of the top delivery companies in the world, so they should complement any model layout well.
Kato do a number of these offerings but I prefer the decal found on the Hindo Town Bus slightly more, although honestly, any that you purchase in the Kato range is going to be highly detailed, so don’t worry too much about it!
This is my favourite as it really harks back to times of old when English police cars looked like this. I got thinking thought, I know the only N scale Humvees and HEMMTs that are out there right now look like crap, and are avaible though a guy on ebay.
The olf Burt Industries ones are the ones that are being sold on E-bay, and the look like crap.
It is clear that the team at Wheels of Time have put a lot of effort into developing this vehicle to be a faithful reproduction of the proper Piggy-Packer.
Yes, it has classic undertones, but hey, it is certainly something you will see in the modern era time too.
I'm hoping my castings look better, and if they do, I will probably start to sell them, Unpainted and unassembled.
I don't know how good the castings actually are, but the ones he is selling look like he painted it with his knuckles. I have some M113s I got from someone over on the A boards, or Trainboard, can't remember.
Oh yeah, if your main job is producing n scale vehicles, please get a macro-capable camera.

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