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SO looking at your Trainboard write-up (props for that too) I wonder if you could substitute WS Fine Leaf Foliage clumps for the armiture stups, as they have a branch structure already.
Most railway landscaping relies on bits of rubber or fiber glued to a variety of tree frames. I have been modeling about 20 years or so and am very familiar with all the different methods out there for replicating tree canopies across mountains.
At this stage I am leaning towards the dark painted poly fiber wad, rolled, dipped in diluted white glue or matte medium, rolled in fine ground foam and dried method but I am not sold 100% yet on that idea. Keep in mind I will need to replicate probably 1000  or so trees in full Autumn splendor.
Having chosen the location and season that you have, I'd definitely advise giving considerable thought to just what amount of time and effort you wish to expend on the project vs. This clinician pointed out several things of interest: model railroaders, he suggested, tend to make their forest appear as if they were colored with an exploding Sherwin-Williams paint truck.
It has been my observation that like species tend to display more intense colors earlier in the season and the colors tend to fade as the season progresses. What you need to do is go to a bookstore and locate one of National Geographic's field guides dealing with North American trees. My layout is going to be set in the Ohio River bottomlands in the far northwest of West-by-god-Virginia just to the south of the Panhandle. Shipping note for this item: For your convenience, these trees arepre-packaged and pre-weighed for a flat rate postage fee. Ed,The twigs were just a suggestion, as I know some people(like Paul Dolkos) use them for armatures. This forested scene shows how much difference you can create with changes in texture and pattern.
Here you can see just how much variation is possible using a few simple materials, provided you make sure each contrasts with its neighbours.
I'm asking for some pics and ideas of what many of you fine folks have done in the past before making up my mind what method I will use. It took time to make all my trees but I think my scenery holds up against the best of them when it comes to depicting realism in this particular location and season (northeastern autumn is by far the most difficult season to render realistically).

I have observed places in the Rocky Mountains where a canyon tends to separate one species of tree from another; there are probably locations in the east where such a situation is also true.
Not only is this illustrated but it has maps indicating where particular species can be found but also contains a narrative dealing with its growth patterns and locations. These are available in our store as packs of: (3'' x 18 trees), (2" x 32 trees), (2"-3" x 50 trees combo pack), (4" x 6 trees), (6" x 7 trees)and (6" x 24 trees).
If combined with other items, we will have to calculate total weight to combine shipping costs for you and send you an invoice. Our own layout (in progress a€“ arena€™t they all?) will be a replica of Mikea€™s family farm in the Applegate Valley in Oregon in the early 1900a€™s.
Wetake great pride in providing our customers with outstanding service, so please feel free to contact us anytime. For the conifers I'm using whittled dowels for the trunks, torn up scrub pads, and some flat black and brown cheap rattle can paints. I am not interested in making tons of trees, plopping them on a mountain and have to tear them all out and ditch them because I don't like the end result for one reason or another. Lastly I hadn't gone searching yet, but does anyone offer bulk quantities of fine ground foam in various fall colors? Why couldn't you use full strength white glue directly to your ground instead of adding another step to the process? Stand in the same location twenty years hence and you will find that the Aspens are thinning out as they begin to be crowded by encroaching pines; twenty years further and it is likely that there will be no evidence of Aspens at all on this particular spot. Some trees are adept to growth in bottomlands along stream beds while others tend to take root on the steeper slopes of the ridges.
As I mentioned above some species are to be found in one location and be completely absent from others. The clinician at this convention was from California, I believe, and naturally most of his orientation dealt with the Sierras or Cascades. From Foliage, Flex Track and Figures, to Catalogs, Culverts and Clump Foliage, even Turf, Trees and Talus a€“ just to name a few! We have the JTT tree display in our shop and they have some very nice trees, and some not so nice.

The attention to branch and canopy shaping, and the contrasts of each tree to its neighbours help these few materials seem like a forest of different species. In many instances one species grows taller than another and, as it gains height advantage, sooner or later tends to dominate the forest cover. There are indeed places where one can find deciduous trees laced with conifers but species is going to be considerable more numerous than the other.
This can be displayed on a model railroad layout by modeling a dense growth of a species in the lower level, thinning the growth as we go upstream, and  eventually absenting that species from the higher regions of our layout. He had, however, made a fall trip back to the region of the southern Appalachians and he presented numerous photographs of the fall foilage in that region to back-up his thesis. And check out our N Scale rolling stock, ita€™s frequently increasing and changing and, as always, sold at great prices!
I have used them on an HO layout with good success.The tree in the center of the picture is one of the 433-1986 armatures with some simple woodland clumps on it. I use pump hair spray and sprinkle ground foam over them for the flocking.I need to make about a bazzilion more conifers. He had photographs of his own layout and his canopy cover looked as if it had grown from the ground up as opposed to being clumps of foam dropped from out of the sky. Obviously, the scenery base and the screening must be painted either a solid very dark color, or dappled in darkened autumn hues. These trees averaged around $1-2 each.The one tree that is a bear to make right is a Birch. I would note, however, that obtaining just the right depth, or thickness, for the layer of glued-on treetops, such that the base doesn't obviously show through, can often prove be tricky.

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