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Even now that company does produce a model of a 2-8-0 which was used in North America although designed for use overseas in WWII. People also seem to forget that that the C-62 and D-51 will sell well to steam minded Japanese customers in part because there wasn't the incredible variety of engines as used by North American lines. My intention with this thread was merely to show what´s possible in N scale nowadays. The overwhelming amount of different designs of US steam locos is a major problem for a manufacturer in any scale, not only in n scale, but the lack of steam in N scale is very sad.
Why does a manufacturer like Bachmann or Kato does not dare to produce 2 - 3 different locos from the "Standard Railroad of the World"?
C60  Originally C57 class 4-6-2s, with new trailing trucks and re-calibrated springing.
It's that kind of variety that makes US steam so interesting and also makes you want to tear your hair out at the same time.

Strange that the Toyota Corolla is offered in Turkey (check out Toyota Europe), but not in the UK. Starting in 1946, 41 of the M1a's received further improvements by increasing the boiler pressure and adding circulators to the firebox.
There was a British company with an overwhelmingly British customer base who tried it (with kits, no less) and failed utterly.
The closest thing to standardization in the US were the locomotive designs of the USRA (forget the Pennsy, that was one railroad). OTOH, the Camry is available in the US, Canada and Australia, but not in Continental Europe or the UK. They also received new larger tenders, class 210F75, which became known as the coast-to-coast tenders. And in the end, they even hauled the heavy ore trains, which there were not originally intended to pull.  They did it all in style!

However, even with standard USRA designs, things were modified over the lives of the engines on many roads where the ultimate look was totally different from when the engines were built (e.g. Of course, they had to dump them at a loss because they couldn't make money selling them. That's a big 10-4 (Yaris actually was available outside US before being available here). OK, we don't get the HiLux pickup (at least not under that name - looks like a Tacoma to me). There are models not offered here, but then you could say the same thing about Ford and GM (think Vauxhall and Opel).

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