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There have been numerous advances in N scale railroading since the first edition of this book, and the author addresses them all, from track to train control. Basic DCC Wiring for Your Model Railroad: A Beginner's Guide to Decoders, DCC Systems, and Layout WiringOne Hundred and One Track Plans for Model Railroaders (Model Railroad Handbook, No. This week we photographed an Atlas GP38-2 for the Model:160 Gallery as we continue our project to document available N Scale models.
As an upgrade to the GP38, EMD introduced the four-axle, non-turbo charged GP38-2 in January of 1972. Atlas first released their N scale GP38-2 in September of 2006 with three additional runs having followed to date. The Wikipedia article linked below has a good overview of the railroads which owned GP38-2’s.

As always, if you have more information to share about this particular engine, or want to share your detailed N scale model, please let us knows so we can keep this resource up-to-date.
Highlights include a sharp 12-1 Heavyweight Sleeper which continues the NYC two-tone-gray heavyweight series, a 4-pack of SP sugar beet gondolas with loads, and a TOFC release featuring a CN trailer on a CP flatcar.
Fox Valley Models announced that shipping of Canadian Pacific Gevos, and Short Rib Boxcars will begin April 9th.
Our man Skibbe is on the ground at the Amhurst Railway Society Railroad Hobby Show (or Springfield Show for short) and sent back these first photos of Kato’s forthcoming Virginia Railway Express (VRE) MP36PH and Bi-Level coaches and cab car. Be sure to click on the image to bring it up full size, as you can catch more details of the brand new knuckle coupler being included on these models.
Our hope is to showcase talent, provide timely news, offer tips and techniques, and provide a stable resource to promote all things 1:160.

Taking a look at the photos is it worth noting that Kato has tooled a different shell for the VRE units where the Metra logo board has been removed and the VRE digital message board to the right of the doors has been molded in. We’re assuming these are paint samples subject to change before final production pieces are shipped to your local hobby store.

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