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Are you making the double stacks as two actual paper boxes, or is it just one paper box printed to look like a double stack? My biggest problem right now would be getting the printed picture out of my printer at the right scale. The one that appears right when printed out according to my ruler is the single 45 ft cube.
I stumbled upon this site that has templates for DIY container templates that you can print and fold into stacks for your container terminal. Download these FREE pdf files to create inexpensive blocks of containers for your N Scale intermodal yard.

Back in the fourties, before plastic anything, lots of model rr stuff was made in cardboard. Our kits use computer aided design and usually include photoetched brass and or laser cut wood, acrylic and bristol board parts.
It even has windows for structures which are not only expensive but hard to find just whatyou want.
Buildings, rolling stock and even locomotives could be ordered,punched out of the card and assembled.
Of course the rolling stock and locos didn't come close to running but the buildings could be used on a train set even before HO gauge was popular.

Back then it was Lionel or American Flyer if I remember right but I was only 5 or 6 at the time. We also have precision casting and electronic fabricators in our network of subcontractors.It is really a misnomer to call them craftsman kits, as most of the hard work of measuring and cutting is accurately done by the laser or etching process. All the builder has to do is glue the parts together, and in some caces, fill in seam lines.

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