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M1 basic N scale UNITRACK oval with Kato Power Pack, 3 N Scale Nippon Sharyo Bi-Level Commuter cars, and 1 EMD F40PH locomotive. Manufactured by Motive Power Inc, the MP36PH is a commuter service locomotive that is utilized by regional transit agencies all across the United States and Canada.
As we found out yesterday, Kato is going to produce an N scale version of the MPI MP36PH locomotive. To go with the MP36PH, Kato is also going to produce the newer Nippon Sharyo-built version of the corrugated stainless Metra bi-level passenger coach and cab units. Lastly Kato also announced new versions of their Volvo truck in two colors (red and white) and new 40 foot intermodal container two-packs with COSCO and MAERSK paint schemes.

The MP36 should also be a welcome addition to any N scalers looking for a contemporary commuter locomotive. In Chicago, IL, these distinct locomotives operate on Metra train lines in "push-pull" service, running hourly commuter bi-level trains in and out of the downtown stations to serve the approximately 300,000 daily riders that use it to go to and from the surrounding suburbs. This is the first time this locomotive has been produced in N scale and will be available in Metra paint scheme first. The passenger cars will be available as part of a 4-car set that includes an MP36PH Metra #427 locomotive, two bi-level Metra coach cars (#6070 and #6153) and a bi-level cab unit #8507.
The well-detailed Kato MP36PH-3S and coaches are available separately or in a boxed set that includes the locomotive, two coaches, and a cab-coach.

There will be two Metra road numbers available one as part of a 4-car set (#427) and one sold separately (#416). These units should be available in August 2011 and more information can be found on Kato’s website HERE.

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