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When you have a spatial problem like translating a model railroad track plan from a magazine into a full blown, accurate layout, sometimes all it takes is a little time for quietly thinking about the solution.While I was in ICU earlier this month I had the time and the nurses definitely wanted me to be quiet. I’m dedicating this consist to friend and World Champion San Francisco Giants fan Chuck Ciaccio.
So just how big can this go?What if I blew up the magazine rendition by scanning it into my computer and resizing it in Corela€™s Paint Shop so it just fits the width of an 8.5 X 11 inch piece of paper. Back in the day, the San Francisco Chief would have brought me from Chicago to San Fran to visit.

I settled on 8 inches and divided it equally into an 8X3 grid.I use a program called SnagIt which allows me to capture sections of the plan and edit them.
The other three sections were re-sized accordingly.The next step is to glue the sheets (in order) to the foam core base using PVA adhesive which is particularly useful to modelers because it dries clear, can be thinned with water, and does not attack polystyrene foam.
I try to keep the glue confined to an area directly under the track path applying it with a narrow spatula. Once the sheets are all tight, weight them overnight with the door.Next day use an Xacto knife and cut away all but the track path.

This will serve as the guide for laying the cork roadbed which will support the track, switches and eventually the ballast.

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