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I have kato small curve track pieces and able to make a loop with sidings on a 13inch wide x 4ft long piece of foam, area enough for fun, anything is possible.
That'd be a great layout especially if I do get back to the BN(I probably will only after I get the pre BN).
Here is the Cover and Table of Contents of the September-October 2015 issue of N-Scale Magazine. The pipe cleaners give a much better appearance of the round brushes that spin along the side of the car.. The nice thing with the pipe cleaners is they can work for any scale, just by increasing the width of the bristles. I'm glad you like the pipe cleaner idea and thanks for taking the time to post your comments. KingmanDoes anyone have any ideas as to how to design an HO scale that would not take up more than half the room on a 4x8 were I can turn trains to keep them going.
Of course, N scale will fit better in that space, which is why many of us moved to N scale from HO.
Obviously, this sort of thing could be carried around all the walls for continuous running with a lift-out or duck-under.
Gidday Kingman, NOT woes but NEW OPPORTUNITIES !!! especially starting again with a clean slate. And while perhaps getting a little ahead of ourselves when you do put a plan to paper there are some very talented people on this forum who will give you constructive criticism if required.
If your space is limited, and you have HO stuff to sell to finance your next adventure, I strongly recommend you consider N scale.
While it's true that with N you can cram in more stuff and run tight curves, but if you have enough room for a snug 18" curve in HO, you have room to run a full blown passenger train with 85 foot coaches and a four coupled steamer comfortably! Consider all your options, and if the reading glasses are an issue (they sure are at my house!) then get a pair to keep on your work bench.  No big deal!! Ok Lee thats a thought , Im going to find an N scale club around here and check out some ideas. I've built up a collection of N scale kits, cars, track,and locos over about a 15 year period, enough to set up a moderate sized layout. Seems to me that a crossover at the base of the green grade and another just past the bridges at the top of the grade would give you the passing track you want. I want a long mainline run that is not a simple oval: I have a huge mainline run of over 2 scale miles!
I want challenging, interest-retaining switching: I have it, but it undoubtably could be improved.

A twice around would have almost the same mainline run while leaving more space for yards and switching. LensCapOn - I am not sure, whether the OP is willing to accept any critique or advice on his layout design. I am afraid the OP will sink quite a lot of $$$ and time into this layout, only to find out that he wanted too much in too little a space and that he won´t be able to incorporate even a trace of realistic looking scenery. I would also recommend to invest a little time and do some reading before indulging into a costly experiment which will definitively not lead to where he wants to go. Actually, I pretty much abandoned this site due to my inability to respond in a timely manner, and my posts simply vanishing.
A USA penalitzen els idearis de Wikileaks, a la Xina volen controlar els mitjans de comunicacio virtuals per aturar les revoltes i a Cuba acusen de traidors a aquelles persones que intenten introduir les tecnologies. Even now that company does produce a model of a 2-8-0 which was used in North America although designed for use overseas in WWII. People also seem to forget that that the C-62 and D-51 will sell well to steam minded Japanese customers in part because there wasn't the incredible variety of engines as used by North American lines. My intention with this thread was merely to show what´s possible in N scale nowadays. The overwhelming amount of different designs of US steam locos is a major problem for a manufacturer in any scale, not only in n scale, but the lack of steam in N scale is very sad.
Why does a manufacturer like Bachmann or Kato does not dare to produce 2 - 3 different locos from the "Standard Railroad of the World"? C60  Originally C57 class 4-6-2s, with new trailing trucks and re-calibrated springing. It's that kind of variety that makes US steam so interesting and also makes you want to tear your hair out at the same time.
Strange that the Toyota Corolla is offered in Turkey (check out Toyota Europe), but not in the UK.
If you don't subscribe call Pacific Western Rail and we can arrange for you to get a trial copy. So I designed this 1891 mining layout in HO for a 4 x 6 space (roughly  2 x 3 in N-scale).
Just be sure to note that you cover the tracks with tape when making the center piece and allow for flanges to run through!
And if you want more switching, replace the fake tunnel with an industry appropriate to the mountain setting, like a mine or sawmill. Operation will remain at letting a train circle the loop, as the yard he designed is pretty much useless with its many unnecessary switchbacks and short leads.

There was a British company with an overwhelmingly British customer base who tried it (with kits, no less) and failed utterly. The closest thing to standardization in the US were the locomotive designs of the USRA (forget the Pennsy, that was one railroad). OTOH, the Camry is available in the US, Canada and Australia, but not in Continental Europe or the UK. I will definitely have to steal the idea of having pipe cleaners amongst my modeling supplies. However, even with standard USRA designs, things were modified over the lives of the engines on many roads where the ultimate look was totally different from when the engines were built (e.g. The only one I ever saw had a pipe hoop with high pressure nozzles the cars passed through as a final-final rinse as I was told the detergents were strong enough to cause paint fading and corrosion if left in step wells, hinges and window frames on locomotives. Of course, they had to dump them at a loss because they couldn't make money selling them.
I need to decide if N gauge might be better yet Ive never worked with it and winder if ,it's too small in size to really enjoy because Im afraid I wont be able to see all the details in both running stock and scenery as in HO. Cramming as much rail into a limited space will only frustrate you and is the farthest thing possible from a realistic layout! I have checked the layout library here and find the N scale White River would fit nicely with a staging yard but I don't want to be disappointed in the size of the trains. My problem I think is going to be space needed for radius's and I might be stuck with a shelf type if I go HO.
That's a big 10-4 (Yaris actually was available outside US before being available here). OK, we don't get the HiLux pickup (at least not under that name - looks like a Tacoma to me).
Im getting up there in age lol , I remember Lynn Westcott and still have a few magazines from the 50's and Im getting back into this.
There are models not offered here, but then you could say the same thing about Ford and GM (think Vauxhall and Opel).

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