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GS-4 #4449 and U30C #1776 Make up two of the specially painted locomotives that were decorated specially for the United States' 200th birthday in 1976. Pre-Production painted sample of our upcoming Black GS-4 with "Southern Pacific Lines" lettering alongside Daylight color locomotive #4449.
Pre-Production painted sample of our upcoming Black GS-4 with "Southern Pacific Lines" lettering moving freight.
Pre-Production painted sample of our upcoming Black GS-4 with "Southern Pacific Lines" lettering. The N scale GS-4 has a functioning (simulated) Mars light as well as a directional headlight, perfect for keeping your N scale figures aware and off the tracks at night!
In addition to the standard illuminated locomotive number boards which bear the identification of the engine, the GS-4 had train number boards that would identify whether the train was northbound or southbound (or if the GS-4 was performing extra duty services, in which case it would bear an X and then its locomotive number on the board.) Each Kato GS-4 includes replacement boards so you can pick the appropriate train number, or if you want your GS-4 to be performing non-standard passenger service.

The N scale GS-4 features a fully detailed cabin interior, accurately modeled off the real world locomotive and with plenty of space for N scale figurines. In the 1940’s, the Southern Pacific “Morning Daylight” was possibly the world’s most beautiful train, its orange and red striping being reserved for the SP’s premier train lines. Click the above image to see the full consist layout for the 18 car "Morning Daylight" Passenger Train! Shock Absorber equipped trucks create a smoother ride and consistent electrical pickup when using interior lighting kits. Can be upgraded via 923505 Kinematic Couplers to pull the cars closer together without sacrificing turning radius.
During World War II, GS-4's would be used for both passenger and freight service depending on what was needed at the time.

This “Morning Daylight” consist ran between Los Angeles and San Francisco along the beautiful California coast, past cities such as Ventura, Santa Barbara, Salinas and San Jose.
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No detail has been spared in bringing the GS-4's tender to life, as it were, even down to sculpted wood paneling on the roof.
Heading up the “Morning Daylight” was the specially built steam locomotive, the GS-4, one of the most well known steam engines ever built.

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