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If you would like to have the scenery customized to your personal taste, just drop us a line to our workshop-department. This layout's main purpose is to serve as a double tracked return loop for continous running. This 3 ft by 3 ft section can be used stand-alone as a Diorama, or as an outside corner in conjunction with our other standard layouts. It features a double tracked main line and two sidings which may - for instance - serve as loading tracks for a coal tipple. The bridge module (Model B) is mainly used to span a room door if you want to create a layout around the walls. Brian has been creating small display layouts for the Rowayton, CT Historical Society Open House each year. In 2010 Brian offered to setup a train layout and started with this small N-scale window layout. The pine trees are made from butterfly bush clippings with light green flocking sprinkled atop Hunt Club Green spray painted clippings.
Brian is now on his fourth year and is planning to model the Norwalk Trolley Line for his 2013 display. Brian is an accomplished artist with 35 years of Advertising experience and is a member of the Yahoo Civil War Model Railroading Group.
Dana Laird’s use of lighting and photography not only captured the finely detailed scenes but also did a great job setting a mood. So excellent was their combined work that at first glance I thought I was looking at an actual prototype photograph. As I have stated before, I used to be a lone wolf and kept my modeling to myself. Over the past year I have met a few new friends through free-mo and through this blog.
Jim contacted me a few months ago about one of the articles in this blog (Peshekee River Railroad).
To those of you out there who are lone wolf modelers, no matter your skill level and no matter if you do not have a layout yet, get out there and meet people. You never know what interesting people and surprises lurk just down the street.

I decided to attempt a scratch built rail barge based on NS Detroit river barges that ran up to about 1995.
Other future plans that may or may not come to life include: Detroit Salt Company and the Smelter. I enjoy modeling but since I stopped being a lone wolf, I have begun to enjoy the hobby more than ever before.
This year I am starting to give clinics on some of the items I have shared or experimented with. I highly recommend that others get involved and join in the interaction. One added bonus when you volunteer, is sometimes you get access to some areas not normally available to the public like I did at the Crossroads Village and Huckleberry Railroad Railfan Weekend.
A tour of the back shops revealed the remains of Quincy & Torch Lake 2-6-0 #3 built by Brooks in 1894. For an example, lets look into this photo of an old iron ore mining location somewhere in the Midwest (I do not remember where this was but i liked the detail when I found it). The railroad is still using stub switches but this one has a more modern lever than the others in the original photo. In this closeup view of the head frame, we can see one of the skips tipped up and what appears to be a wagon most likely for tailings.
The best site for looking at old photos like these are the Library of Congress (LOC) Digital Collections and Shorpy.
Everyone should do something smallIf you have ideas you wish to share, please send them to me (feedback link in the main menu). Brian uses flour since the setup is temporary. The flour makes it look like real lightly dusted snow. My goal is for getting something out at least once a month but sometimes life just gets in the way!
I find that the interaction has enhanced my awareness of the broad spectrum of ideas, personalities and modeling styles.
Unfortunately the frame is so badly worn from its years of service that it will never run again.

I am happy to post other peoples layout ideas and information to support small, modular and micro layouts. In order to conceal the loop a bit, I envisioned a small harbor with a couple of loading dock tracks.
The burlap gives it texture and holds any material sprinkled onto the wet paint due to the woven pattern. Brian used two smaller dioramas to create the larger scene. The original sizes were 20 x 32 inches. I liked how both commercial and natural materials were used to create a very realistic landscape. It seems Jim farms property adjacent to the old right of way and he and his family have been digging up cast away pieces of strap iron for years.
To date I have met several other accomplished modelers and have joined them in operating sessions on a local layout. This past summer I had a rigorous work schedule with many visits, new product launches and being short staffed. The internet and hobby magazines are great source, but talking to those who take a direct interest in what you present and the interaction it brings is another dimension. The depth and clarity of these old photos lets you go deep into the image and see things you would not notice when taken in as a whole.
The drainage ditch snakes around the stand and a culvert has been made with what look like railroad ties here and near the top of the image. They also provide an RSS feed so as new items are brought on-line a notification is sent out.
Kammerer’s interest in the American Civil War, I live in Virginia and many structures that appear on the layout still dot the Virginia countryside.

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