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Today I ballasted the track at the Intermodal yard entrance to the tunnel, and added some basic ground cover. A lot more scenery to go, but I’ll finish the hilltop track first, then I can start on the staging yard.
I’ve added retaining walls to the tunnel mouth near the rear of the intermodal yard and a culvert under the track at the front of the yard. This week I will add some rock faces for interest and the tunnel interior where it can be seen through the tunnel mouths. At the moment the layout is still boxed up in the conservatory, and will remain so for a while as I am going to be starting work on the two industrial switching boards inherited from my friend Jim Bainbridge who is now living in San Francisco…thanks for doing the hard work (ie.
The next outing for Rochelle Intermodal is in September at the annual Seaboard Southern exhibition.A More details can be found on the Seaboard Southern website.
Still on track to finish the scenery in time for the Benson show on 10th January.A In the last few days I have finished all the ballasting and have made good progress on the scenery. Well, it is about time I added a progress update!!A I haven’t been able to work on the layout for a while, but finally have had time to get cracking on finishing it off in time for the Benson show on the 10th January. The ballasting is 90% done, the intermodal yard is finished and waiting for weathering and installation of the yard lights, fencing and buildings. I also built two Walthers windmills, with one the full height (this will go on the other end board), and the other one down to the lowest level to go next to the farmhouse.
Ex-Rail Power Products shell with Digital Command Control (DCC) decoder Quick Plug, wire grab irons, see-through fans, and railroad-specific fuel tank.

Pennsylvania RR (green multi-stripe scheme, pre-World War II version with slat pilot, and post-World War II version with modern pilot). Bachmann IndustriesUnited States Railroad Administration heavy 4-8-2 Mountain steam locomotive. Two flywheel-equipped motors, injection-molded plastic body shell, and die-cast metal chassis. Proto 1000 from WalthersHO scale freight carsAmerican Car & Foundry 2,970-cubic-foot-capacity Center Flow covered hopper. Athearn TrainsBethlehem Steel 89'-4" flush-deck flatcarBethlehem Steel 89'-4" flush-deck flatcar.
New tooling with underbody detail, RP-25 contour metal wheelsets, and magnetic knuckle couplers. Factory-installed side-door handrails, detailed interior, RP-25 contour metal wheelsets, and McHenry knuckle couplers.
Great Northern (Omaha Orange and Pullman Green; Big Sky Blue) and Burlington Northern (Cascade Green and black). Injection-molded plastic car with die-cast metal trucks, metal wheelsets, wire grab irons, and magnetic knuckle couplers.
Includes assembled gantry with trolley hoist, push-button control unit, two 20-foot containers, base plate with crane rails, two sections of track, eight rail joiners, and mounting screws.
Mack "B" cement truck lettered for Cleveland Builders, Erie Builders, PreMix, Ready Mix Concrete, and Tews Cement.

Sandy River & Rangeley Lake (inside and outside frame) and painted black but unlettered (inside and outside frame). 1:50-proportion die-cast metal model with metal railings, rolling wheels, and positionable bucket. Del Monte (32-foot covered wagon trailer) and Safeway Foods (Aerovan trailer with refrigerator unit).
Single tree (18" to 22"), two-pack (10" to 12"), three-pack (5" to 7"), and five-pack (3" to 5").
Marklin-format digital controller with touch screen, two control knobs, and integrated database of Marklin locomotives.
MarklinSymphony 77 steam and diesel locomotive sound systemSymphony 77 steam and diesel locomotive sound system.
Includes steam and diesel modes with various horns and whistles, air release, water pump, bell, and dynamic brake sound effects.

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