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Discussion of N gauge model railway specific products and related model railway topics (problems and solutions).
You can mix and match as long as you are using modern N gauge stuff with the finer wheel standards. 2mm finescale is something I have always wanted to have a go at.Do we have many 2mm modellers on the forum? Here's a shot of some track built as Grahame described though in this case with soldered copperclad construction rather than Easitrac.
These files are stored on your computer and help remember your login name, display name and the site content that you have already read or contributed to. To confirm your understanding and acceptance of this please click on OK to continue using the site. FiNe-scale modelling has everything to do with a philosophy and attitude applied to your work.
Choosing your own prototypes in modelling instead of those offered in the shop will distinguish your work. If you are the type of person that wants to have instant results or buy it in a shop and put it on the train table then you better refrain here. A good approach would be to visit a FREMO meeting and see and find out all about fiNe-scale in person. Full set of all FREMO-N standards on modular approach complete with many tips and description of best practice. This is an assortment of eight different crates totaling 3-dozen pieces and includes scale lumber for skids where needed. Lots of stuff is shipped in sacks from cement, fertilizer, and seed to plastic pellets and dog food.
Eco-Blocks, or whatever name they go by in your region, cast concrete blocks with a built-in cable lift ring.
These loading docks were designed for use in intermodal yards, but are handy for warehouse docks and freight forwarding operations.

Google Ads are only seen by non-members of RMweb - Create an RMweb account and you'll only receive modelling ads. Please forget the idea that if stock comes from a major manufacturer it will probably be OK, because they have done their homework.
However if you are a modeller that gets satisfaction from better visual appearance with modifications and additions to commercial products then please read on. Check out the general links in the left column for our club meeting locations, alternatively you can subscribe the fremo160 list to contact FREMO N gauge enthousiasts all over Europe. Ideal for loading docks, factories, freight forwarding locations, and loads on freight cars and trucks.
These stacks of stuff were modeled after pallets of cement and concrete found at our local lumberyard. Each kit includes two docks, approximately 20 by 60-feet, two ramps, plus some traffic cones and parking bumpers to keep forklifts and workers from going over the edge. But even if you fixed the check rails and crossing to accommodate current NMRA N gauge wheel standards and BtB they still wouldn't be a large as the ones on Peco points. And this can be applied to all sorts of modelling whether it is loco building, landscaping, signalling and layout operation, wagon or coach building etc. In lots of cases it won't be OK, in order to shrink the development time to minimum they have taken all kinds of liberties to produce a result that just will suit the average modeller. Another one is that you have to realise that in most cases time will form a natural limit and not the financial resources.
The ramp is shaped to fit anywhere around the edge of the dock, and docks can be joined end-to-end or placed side-by-side.
It is possible to build Easitrac points to 9mm gauge (N) and they are suitable for modern NMRA standard wheelsets. Don't forget the 'extra' for 2mm finescale gauge is only a fifth of a mil on each check rail side.
At best you can buy some components that you need but more often you have to scratchbuilt items.

You just have to learn to apply the same materials you probably already use with different techniques, use more care in the blending of colours and combination of products.
If anyone can spot that the gauge of your track reduces by 0.42mm through the pointwork they are a better man than me!
The flangeways are not ridiculously large and are, in fact, quite a bit more smaller than Peco N gauge points. The improvements in N gauge standards since Peco designed their points is greater than that and they (Peco points) have to accommodate even older toy like stock.
Combined with a critical view on your own work to see if the dimensional accuracy is still there and dare to reject items that are too coarse or need a redo. This often avoids traps or dead ends which save effort, together with visiting shows, club meetings and attending seminars or get-togethers for direct contact. Also big projects will fall outside your scope thus smaller spaces will suffice for lodging higher quality models.
All that is needed is to flex in the Eastrac rails over the last couplde of sleepers of plain track to line up with the point gauge. The richest source of knowledge on modelling in small scales you will find in the publications by the 2 mm Scale Association and you will find their components a help in saving time. Each rail only has to flex in 0.21mm - it is not noticeable and doesn't affect the running. FREMO offers practical workshops, seminars, running sessions and a wealth of knowledge on 1:1 railways and their workings together with lots of meeting events all over central europe. Standing strong in developments of modern electronics like DCC applied with sense into models this club points the way forward. The e-mail lists such as the 2MM VAG and various FREMO lists are valuable platfoms for questions giving fast response times with helpful answers.

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