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In the 19th Century, many New England farmers built small separate outbuildings clustered near the farmhouse and barn to support their various ventures.
Connected farm buildings are a conspicuous and remarkable aspect of the New England countryside. Perhaps the connected barn design is best understood as a reflection of the quest to improve conditions through innovation of nineteenth-century farmers. Connected architecture balanced the convenient advantages of improved access between the house and the barn against the added risks of fire. The back house is a general term for a wide assortment of domestic and agricultural buildings. The first mention of a corncrib is in an almanac for the year 1701 - At that time, the crib was a square of alternately piled logs covered by a slanted roof. On small pioneer farms, corn was dried In the dwelling attic or in a special "corn room-usually over the kitchen.

The distinctively shaped corn crib, with slanted side walls built of spaced wooden slats, became common by the 1860s. Old farmers often recall the story of a neighbor who lived in a fallen-down house while maintaining a magnificent barn, or the story of an old barn that valiantly resisted repeated onslaughts of chain saws and bulldozers. Your browser does not support inline frames or is currently configured not to display inline frames. By rejecting traditional solutions and by taking risks they joined in the spirit of invention that was revolutionizing industry and consumer life.
In keeping with the spirit of it all, farmers often moved existing outbuildings together to form a connected farm. In the late 1700's, there were cribs built on posts, and many had one bin for soft corn and a larger bin for hard Corn. The RH sketch shows the dwelling somewhat larger with kitchen NOW taking over the entire new wing.. The cobs were prized for their oven ash which was used in the smoking of meats, for quick kindling, and for dozens of other purposes.

The GM-KD13W Kestrel White Farm Rail Fencing kits require assembly with glue they are manufactured in coloured plastic so can quickly be used immediately after they are assembled. In the typical arrangement, house and barn are joined through a series of support structures to form a continuous building complex. Large farms had several corncribs, because this was considered more efficient that one huge crib.
In many mountain farms, the drive-in crib was the beginning of barn architecture, for by adding doors in the driveway wall you have the simplest American barn. Metal pans or pie plates were sometimes laid on top of these posts to deter rats, mice, and other small animals. A quality affordable option for your N Scale model railway or other scale model village scene.

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