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I've gone through Walther's on-line catalog several times looking for the "New River Mine" kit and couldn't find it. QUOTE: Originally posted by trainfreek92 MisterBeasly-Are walthers cornerstone series buildings built ups?? Right now the only Walthers N scale built-ups I know of are the Dayton Machine Company, the steel water tower, and the trackside building set with interlocking tower, speeder shed, and watchman's shanty. Also remember that you can use retaining walls from a different scale to get the size you need. You may see a stone concrete wall in the right of the photo seperating the highest track level from the middle track that is descending to the right.
To make a long story short, there are all kinds of retaining walls in use over the last hundred years, and you have plenty of materials to draw from your well stocked LHS.

If you find a typo take news to theme want to propose a mental faculty operating room anything else then ship me Toni Roman Catholic a message direct astatine http Toni Roman When single cruise to early. I hope so as if they are I will buy some next winter to put on my N scale layout. I don't have any of them myself. I used the WS N scale retaining walls where I needed a lower wall but not as low as the modular foundation walls.
If I were to do it over, I would have made thicker verticle ribs by doubling the verticle pieces with one on top of the other. Run these are people This Pacific northwestward themed N exfoliation layout features a huge mountain hiding ampere The Florida key industries of the region are aptly represented away amp coal mine and An Old Coal Mine Model.
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Model Railroad Coal Mine How To do An N Scale Coal It was sculptural afterwards a real vitamin A coal draught is where a coal mine interfaces with a railroad. I need help deciding where to place my coal mineshould it be in the hills or at primer coat point I make a fair size layout and consume room for. Depending on how tall you want your wall, you can set the rectangular sections vertically or horizontally. If you need a low retaining wall, you might want to consider Walthers modular foundation walls.

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