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Giving life to all the details are authentic sounds that are channeled through a factory installed DCC and soundboard with speakers.
The DCC decoder automatically senses what type of power supply is in use (conventional DC or NMRA compliant DCC) and adapts its functions.
This model has not been used except for testing during less than 2 minutes, it is in mint condition, directly from the factory. It comes in an elegant brand new blue box very well protected with foam, instructions and factory warranty. Minitrix "Little Donkey"Early Minitrix all metal European prototype 0-6-0T steam locomotive. Life-Like EMD GP40 by Mehanotehnika (early-1970s)Life-Like EMD SD45 by Mehanotehnika (early-1970s)Life-Like Styrofoam Base (1960s). Kato EMD GP-38-2 Diesel LocomotiveIn 1987, Kato introduced their first American locomotive, a GP38-2, under their own name. Handsome Lone Star EL66 0-8-0 Steamer with Rubber Band Drive (1964)More of the history and photos of N scale (1:160), "Treble-0" and 000 gauge trains will be here soon. N SCALE REFERENCE GUIDES FOR COLLECTORSN Scale Reference Guide (formerly Sootsman's) and Miller's Price GuidesON THE NEXT PAGE . Empire┬«Contents of this web site including text, photographs, programming code, and page format are copyrighted by Bill's Railroad Empire with the exception of certain gif, jpg, midi, and wav files which are assumed to be in the public domain. We finally had an opportunity to shoot Athearn’s very well done n-scale 4-8-8-4 Union Pacific Big Boy. These super detailed models were a runaway hit in the past and feature near-brass detail and Tsunami sound decoders. Lone Star Products (Great Britain) introduced a line of 8 mm gauge metal push trains in the 1950s.
Passenger cars were made in Germany as were the locomotives.Trix Mangold (Minitrix) declared bankruptcy in the 1990s and the assets were purchased by Marklin.

Con-Cor later purchased the tooling and had them made by Rivarossi.Rowa declared bankrupcy in the 1970s.
Life-Like was owned by Li-Foam, manufacturers of foam coolersIn 1989, Life-Like introduced their GP38-2 (made in China). Over the years MRC and AHM would also offer the FA2 sometimes labeling it as a FA1Model Power entered the field in the mid-1970s absorbing American Tortoise, importers of Minitrix. At present, this history is dealing only with models of American prototype equipment and the time period from the 1960s through the 1980s. The full Helicon Focus photo set follows below with gallery thumbnails that link to our high-res galleries. The new run should be available at your local dealer or hobby store in December with an MSRP of $479 for the Challenger and $499 for the Big Boy. Budd RDC cars followed in 1981 and an Alco DL109 was offered in 1982.They also offered several Minitrix FM switchers, U28Cs, and U30CGs around 1980 in unique schemes. Early steam and Diesel models were made by Rivarossi (Italy) and Mehanotehnika (Yugoslavia). I have not included Brass models.The 1990s brought a wide variety of new locomotives and cars.
In 1964, Lone Star discontinued their line of electric trains, but continued manufacturing push trains. Tooling for the attractive passenger cars was lost.Kadee Burp-Oh Refrigerator Car (1970s)Kadee began production of their automatic knuckle couplers in 1968.
A number of new manufacturers entered the scene.The late 1990s found Minitrix in bankruptcy. Bev-Bel offered limited runs of roadnames and schemes not generally produced by major manufacturers, plus numerous patriotic and holiday freight cars. Steamers included a 4-6-2 Pacific and a 4-6-4 Hudson.Arnold declared bankruptcy in the 1990s.

They also offered a 0-4-0 Dockside Switcher and re-released the SW1500 that they originally produced for Atlas.Rivarossi NYC Dreyfuss Hudson Steam LocomotiveThe Alco FA1 (previously made for Atlas) as well as some of the freight cars were re-released by Roco in the 1980s and marketed by Walthers. Rivarossi presently produces some of the locomotives.In 2002, Rivarossi declared bankruptcy and the assets were sold to Hornby. Army Transportation Corps train set.Around 1998, Lima and Arnold were in bankruptcy and the tooling was sold to Rivarossi. Atlas also had a line of structure kits made by Pola (Germany) and Faller.Locomotives included an 0-4-0 switcher, 0-8-0 switcher, 4-6-2 Pacific, 2-8-2 Mikado, Alco RSC2, FM C-Liner, EMD E8, EMD GP40, and EMD SD45. Some Arnold items were offered by RR and the existing Rivarossi locomotives and cars were renamed as Arnold. It was far inferior to the Aurora Postage Stamps Trains made by Minitrix and had unique couplers.AHM Reading GP30, New Haven F7A, and Reading SwitcherAHM (Associated Hobby Manufacturers) entered the N scale market with models made by Lima (Italy) in the late 1960s. These are frequently found on eBay and often sold at prices far in excess of their real value.
Hornby now offers Arnold products (Thanks Olle).in July 2005 ROCO Modellspielwaren GmbH was declared bankrupt. Bernie Paul owner of these firms passed away in June 2010.In the early-1960s, AHM offered a selection of H0e (HO narrow gauge) trains that were HO scale and ran on N scale track. There were Alco FA2, C420 and RSD15 Diesels made by Mehanotehnika in Yugoslavia and a 2-8-4 and 2-8-8-2 made by Rowa in Germany.MRC offered the Alco RSD15 in both low and high short hood versions. The red Santa Fe version shown was released by AHM in the 1980sMRC Alco C420 Diesel LocomotiveMRC Alco FA2. These were later offered by AHM and Model PowerCars included freight cars made by Sekisui (Japan), Mehanotehnika (Yugoslavia), and passenger cars made by Rowa (Germany).MRC discontinued their N scale offerings about two years later.

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