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We finally had an opportunity to shoot Athearn’s very well done n-scale 4-8-8-4 Union Pacific Big Boy. One other thing I forgot to mention, for anyone looking to test for power pickup problems on this engine there is now one other step to do, check for electrical continuity (all on the rear engine set) between the rear inside wheel power pickup and the slider.
Also on the claim by the service center that there was a factory defect of the connection not being made on one of the traces, I can almost guarantee that the trace was in fact burned due to short because when I first inspected my first engine originally, I didn't see the trace burn and only found it through doing continuity checks between the different points. Be sure to visit my site, lots of technical tips and modifications, and you can search for topics and key words. Note: After the history of acrimony from the anti-bully and liquid refreshment imbibers, I might not respond in a thread, so feel free to ask me questions via email (not private messages). That's great that Raymond got your Big Boy straightened out and it sure beats waiting weeks for MTH Service to take a look at it not to mention the heartbreak of shipping damages. That first one is actually another MTH Big Boy on a shelf about 10 ft behind the one in the foreground. On the subject of shorts on pointwork I use handmade switches usually near NA° 8 with scale code 215 rail and since I have been running electrics for over twenty years I have made it a policy to reduce the distance between the two switch blades in order that there not be shorts between the wing rails when a wheel passes on the switch rails.

Please enter your desired user name, your email address and other required details in the form below. In order to verify that you are a human and not a spam bot, please enter the answer into the following box below based on the instructions contained in the graphic. These super detailed models were a runaway hit in the past and feature near-brass detail and Tsunami sound decoders. The models use the same tooling as the MRC-DCC-equipped first release of the Challenger reviewed in the June 2007 Model Railroader and the Big Boy in the June 2008 MR.
The full Helicon Focus photo set follows below with gallery thumbnails that link to our high-res galleries. This is easely done on handmade pointwork, I have one tenmille switch which I modified to this specification. The new run should be available at your local dealer or hobby store in December with an MSRP of $479 for the Challenger and $499 for the Big Boy. This was a tremendous help when I passed to DCS and digital operation as the slightest short sends all the locos careening around at full steam ahead!

If using commercial switches, I recomend that you check if the back of your wheels dont short out with the switch blades when your engine runs over the switch rail portions of your pointwork.
Just push the wheelset towards the opposit rail from the switchblade you want to check and see if it touches it. If it does an electrical check will confirm it with a tester, which shouldn't damage your precious engine. I have been model railroading for over 50 years and beleive me trouble shooting engines and trackwork is part of the hobby, if you don't go for that (it's your right) then consider stamp collecting, less tiring on your nerves. The problem with DCS is that the electronic has become so sophisticated on the one hand and it is so interlocked with the engines that only experts can help you trouble shoot them. This is why I also thank Rayman for his fine analysis based on close observation and knowledge from experience, and the kind and thorough help he gives to those who want to solve a problem.

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