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Kato is just the best, the track is easy to work with,the engines are nicely detailed,and M T S,has the best prices.The M T S ,staff ,I have talked to cannot be more friendly,and helpful,two great companies. Kato N 1766024 Amtrak 40th Anniversary Phase IV General Electric P42 "Genesis" is a modern 4,200 horsepower passenger locomotive used across the United States and Canada. Kato N scale already assembled General Electric P42 "Genesis" locomotive features being equipped with body mounted KATO magnetic knuckle couplers, directional Golden White LED headlights and illuminated preprinted numberboards, powerful five pole motor with all wheel electrical pickup and blackened wheel.
To support passenger service, the F40PH is equipped with a secondary electrical generator referred to as the head end generator (or HEP, for Head End Power).
Locomotives feature directional Golden White LED headlights and illuminated preprinted number boards.
Locomotives are equipped with shock absorber construction for smooth and prototypical motion on the track.

Locomotives have a powerful five pole motor with all wheel electrical pickup and blackened wheels.
Chicago Metra version F40PH locomotives have directional head and tail lights on the front of the locomotive for push-pull operation. Kato N scale Amtrak Phase VI Amfleet Viewliner innercity express 3-passenger car set with P42 locomotive. The items displayed and sold on this website are not toys, may contain small parts,and are not designed nor intended for children under 14 years of age. Amtrak's P42 has replaced the EMD F40PH in revenue service and today they are used throughtout the United States and often operated in a mixed consist of Phase IV and Phase V schemes.
Although it has been retired from Amtrak service, it operated for over 20 years and today it continues to be the motive power for commuter railroads such as VRE, MBTA, Caltrain, Metrolink, and Metra) and more all over the United States.

The need for constant constant frequency power means that these HEP units are constantly running at 900rpm, resulting in the nickname "Screamers" for the units due to the sound. Set includes: 1-GE P42 'Genesis' Amtrak Phase Vb (Modern Paint Version) #150 1-Amfleet II Coach Amtrak Phase VI #25035 1-Amfleet II Coach Amtrak Phase VI #25101 1-Viewliner Sleeper Amtrak Phase VI #62004 Fully detailed interiors can be lit with optional Kato interior lighting kit (sold separately).

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