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N Train - Greetings from New York [NY18] - $3.50 : Tastement, Stationery full of flavor and fun! Astoria Blvd-Hoyt Ave is the second to last stop on the Astoria Branch and located directly above the entrance to the Triborough Bridge. All photos are by Jeremiah Cox This Website is maintained and copyright © 2003-2014, Jeremiah Cox. Gravesend-86 Street is the southern most N train station and has been terminus of the line at various times when construction has been undertaken at the Coney Island Terminal complex, depriving N riders a direct trip to the Seaside Subway Terminal. If any specific grade caught me off guard, it was for the train announcements being easy to hear. If you enjoyed this post, please consider to leave a comment or subscribe to the feed and get future articles delivered to your feed reader.
It is the one express stop on the line with two island platforms for the 3 track line (when W trains running via the center track weekdays peak direction from its first start of service in July 22, 2011 at that Manhattan Bridge flop and January 15, 2002 when discontinued because it was unpopular with commuters, this was the only intermediate stop between Ditmars Blvd and Queensboro Plaza). The station is at the northern reaches of the Coney Island Yard as the N train enters its trench.

The two island platforms give an amazing view of the toll plaza of the Triborough Bridge and are canopied near their midsections but exposed at either end. The top 3 priorities could be flip flopped in any order as each would be justified in the #1 slot. I wonder if people really had a hard time hearing the announcements (doubtful) or they were too wrapped up in their own word (probable). Each platform has two staircases in the middle and just south of the middle of the platforms, these each lead to a separate free change of direction cross under and two separate banks of turnstiles with the token booth in between them.
At the southern end of the station the line seems to have left its built up trench area and a pedestrian bridge for employees only provides access to the yard. If they do happen to come back for a 3rd go-around, I suggest a different approach to getting maximum response. One entrance to the turnstiles along each platform is through enclosures with little windows and the station house is also measly enclosed by windscreened dividers on each of the two sides of the fare control area. The platform canopy ends here as well and there is barbed wire everywhere preventing easy pedestrian yard access.

Here no doors, making it not really feel like a station house, lead out to what are signed as overpasses (along with the subway entrance) across the entrance plaza to the Triborough Bridge, beneath each side of the subway elevated structure with a staircase at each of the four far apart corners of this huge plaza along the two roads of Astoria Blvd, the service roads of the Grand Central Parkway and 31 Street. Most of the rest of the platform has the standard dilapidated Sea Beach Line feel although more portions of this platform are located beneath streets, where the open-cut has been covered. Other portions of the platforms are exposed, and have the standard chipping paint concrete pillars that hold up a canopy.
Including a significant section of the platform where there is a column less covering across the entire station for a pedestrian plaza.

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