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I have been playing with some 1959 tube stock and have been looking at the TM05 as a solution. Following several more coats of paint and lots of sanding I thought I'd post another couple of pics to show how the 95 stock is getting on. I'm VERY interested in the same process for producing some models fo otherwise unobtainable locomotive types (and I suspect i may have some of the same things in mind as Southernboy). Have I understood correctly here though - you have a CAD package which enables you to produce computerised 3-D image files; and you then send these image files to a company called Shapeways who turn them out as models of whatever it is you have drawn in the CAD package? I'm going to have to take a bit of time getting my head round that, but I'm sure I'll manage. For me it's not the ability to create complex curves that is the thing, but the ability to create one-off (or two or three-off) models of prototypes that aren't in huge demand and so wouldn't interest the mainstream manufacturers.
One question I did have, where would be a good source for wheels and axels for the unpowered coaches here in europe? Click here to remove banner ads from this forum.This Forum Is Hosted For FREE By ProBoardsGet Your Own Free Forum!
Despite not modelling in N, the idea came into my head the other day to have a go at building a train of 1938 tube stock in that scale, pretty much just to see if it is possible. If you have access to an ultrasonic cleaner it removes the yellow wax completely.I have one of those, I will have to try some of my FUD bits and see how they clean up. David, the CAD files are safely backed up on a steel-cased external hard drive - I'm not taking any chances. I'm also planning to modify the CAD model to make it suitable for OO scale if anyone is interested in a larger version.
I've now given the model a careful clean with acetone, which has removed the remaining yellow wax from the printing process and exposed some of the detail which was previously hidden.

I'll add that the Kato Portram does have two separate powered bogies, so one should be enough for at least a four car train.
It would be necessary to check the dimensions, but it is theoretically very close for size.
However they seem to be out of stock at all the suppliers I can find online, while Portrams are readily available from Gaugemaster among others. I am an american living in germany, and I make it a habit to get at least one piece of equipment from each country I visit.
I am aware that I will loose the interior and underbody details, but I am planing on salvaging as much as I can from the included under body and add it to the power chassis.
Here's a bit more progress made this evening.The cab front piece on its own and in a dry run with the sides and rood to check fit. I'm working on the rebuilt roof (the first attempt was badly out of true) and have applied and filed to shape the first layer of the filler that forms the cab roof dome.Meanwhile all the parts which are needed for the running gear have been gathered together. I used the free version of Sketchup, plus two programs recommended by Shapeways for file conversion - Meshlab and Accutrans - and Netfabb as recommended by BobD for error correction. Seeing what you have done, and the costings, has inspired me to have a play myself, whether I ever get to the printing stage is another matter though. The computer I use for CAD work is currently having its screen replaced, but as soon as I get it back I'll upload the intermediate car and make both it and the driving car available to order from Shapeways. Gaugemaster also list the Portram chassis as available for about half the price of the complete vehicle, though it is not currently in stock. It is very easy to learn, and with some practice can be used to create complex models like the tube train and Enviro 400 bus , but does have some limitations in making very complex curved shapes.
The roof uses two layers of 0.5mm styrene, with cut outs in the top layer to represent the doors, over several formers for the curved shape on a 1mm base layer to give it strength. The nearest I have come to building a body from scratch was to build new bodysides for a Little Bus Company Q27 DM.

It's made using the same method, thin white styrene over a clear base layer, although I am using slightly thicker clear plastic at the ends for extra strength. This Kato Portram from the Ffestiniog Railway model shop will be sacrificed to provide two tiny motor bogies.
I am planning on doing a full consist, but to keep my wife happy, I am only going to oder one a month.
I don't know whether any of the European manufacturers produce any suitable wheels - they need to be a bit smaller than for most N scale rolling stock - but something designed for very low flat cars, roll-on-roll-off lorry transporters, or trams may be the right size. A bit of light sanding and a few fine coats of primer should also improve it further.The chassis slightly resembles a banana, but the body is very rigid so when the two are together everything should be fine. Thanks to Bernard for enabling their existence in the first place!Here's a bunch of screws, washers and nuts from Eileen's Emporium at Warley last Saturday which should form the bogie pivots and attach the car bodies and chassis together. One question I have; are these wheel sets sold like the american prototype where one is consitered 2 wheels and an axel, usually assembled?
For the 95 stock I am using Frosted Ultra Detail, which can take details down to 0.1mm and has a very smooth surface for a printed model.
The level of detail possible and quality of finish has improved rapidly over the past few years and looks like it will keep on getting better. I have some of these wheels in my parts bin, I will check them against the unpowered coach when I order it.
Also, my understanding is that the current prices are largely determined by the cost of using the machines for the time taken to print the model, rather than raw material costs, so as the technology matures prices should hopefully fall considerably. With regards to writing up the project for publication, I'm not actually a member of the N gauge society, but I'd be happy to write an article if anyone asks.

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