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Industrial - Red - MDT PlymouthMost of our N scale locomotives are now shipping in clear plastic boxes for display and storage convenience. Industrial - Red with White Stripes - MDT Plymouth SwitcherOur N scale locomotives ship in clear plastic boxes for display and storage convenience. Industrial - Yellow - MDT PlymouthMost of our N scale locomotives are now shipping in clear plastic boxes for display and storage convenience. Santa Fe #30 (Blue & Yellow) - MDT Plymouth SwitcherMost of our N scale locomotives are now shipping in clear plastic boxes for display and storage convenience. EMD's NW2 switcher's lifetime was nearly cut short just three years after its introduction, with the establishment of the War Production Board in 1942, which dictated that EMD was to halt all production of switching locomotives, manufacturing only road diesels during the years of 1942 to 1945. Kato's own N scale NW2 replicates each and every rivet of prototype detail with pinpoint precision, while emphasizing low-speed, high-power pulling.
Locomotives feature directional Golden White LED headlights and illuminated preprinted numberboards. N scale is a scale related to model railroading in which rail transport systems are a fraction of the actual scale of actual systems. The availability is the most important feature to consider when buying an N scale locomotive. N-scale locomotives come in many different prices, so one should be able to find cost-effective options.
There are several manufacturers of N scale locomotives, including Atlas, Kato, Arnold, Bachmann, Intermountain, Life-Like, Con-Cor, Athearn, Fleischmann, and Graham Farish.
However, such was the popularity of this end cab switching locomotive that after the restriction was lifted, the NW2 sprung back as many railroads placed orders for this little 1000hp powerhouse; today these locomotives can still be found enjoying continued service in rail yards.

It also features directional headlights (without any of the lightpiping equipment intruding on the interior cab detail), low profile wheels, illuminated numberboards, and Kato magnetic knuckle couplers.
The scale models include rail transport vehicles, tracks, signalling, streetcars, buildings, lights, model features, and other features such as hills, canyons, and streams. One can find a good selection of model trains at any hobby shop that specializes in N scale locomotives.
A range of products such as N scale steam locomotives, N scale electric locomotives, N scale diesel locomotives, N scale passenger cars, and N scale freight cars are available at very reasonable rates.
These manufacturers produce some lower-priced, top quality N scale locomotives that are quite popular among hobbyists and modelers.
Moreover, eBay can help you find free shipping on a locomotive, which can save you some money. Choose a shop that provides all three basic components to get started: trains, tracks and a transformer. Moreover, many details and accessories available, allow the building of a railroad based in the 1940a€™s or even a contemporary railroad system.
These locomotives have different features, so it is important for prospective buyers to know which features are available on each N scale locomotive. Locomotives and rolling stock belonging to N scale are at a ratio of 1:160 to their prototypes with the track gauge of 9 mm between the rails. Despite being so small, an N scale model works very well for hobbyists who want to run their N-scale trains through truly expansive scenery or modelers who do not have sufficient space at their disposal. Because all N scale model trains run on the same track size, one can change his or her theme at any time.

It is easy to build a small layout on a sheet of 4 by 6 inches plywood on up to a basement sized model railroad empire. From smaller tank locomotives to larger passenger and freight locomotives, eBay offers something for every hobbyist and modeler. Learning about N scale model trains, including the different features to consider when selecting an N scale locomotive, and top rail transport vehicles available on the market, can help consumers make buying decisions that are more informed. There are several features that consumers should consider when buying N scale trains for model railroad.
Moreover, the small size of N scale locomotives allow to run prototypical length trains of 110 cars or more. It is also easy to create layouts where the scenery dominates the railroad just like in real life. Many N scale locomotives contain a propulsion system that allows trains to operate very smoothly and quietly, making them run as good if not better than trains in larger scales.
N scale trains offer the potential to recreate their length, making it easier for children to get them on the track.

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