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10000 - SHORT TRACK NAILS#10000 - SHORT TRACK NAILS APPROXIMATELY 400 PIECES PER BAG  For fastening tracks without roadbed.
10521 - CHANGE-OVER BUTTON# 10521 CHANGE-OVER BUTTON The switch is used whenever alternating switch-on connections must be made.
10522 - SINGLE ACTION BUTTON FOR UNCOUPLING TRACKS# 10522 SINGLE ACTION BUTTON FOR UNCOUPLING TRACKS  Use this unit whenever power must be supplied for a short time. 10525 - SIGNAL SWITCH# 10525 SIGNAL SWITCH WITH FEEDBACK AND TRAIN CONTROL Two, two, two-aspect light signals without magnetic drive can be operated with one switch.

10526 - CHANGE-OVER BUTTON# 10526 CHANGE-OVER BUTTON WITH FEEDBACK For single-slip turnouts and symmetric three-way turnouts. 10602 - CABLE PLUGS# 10602 CABLE PLUGS  Adapters for connecting three single cables with fl at connector system. 10732 - MULTIPROTOCOLL DECODERROCO - 10732 - MULTIPROTOCOLL LOCOMOTIVE DECODER For 8 pole interface NEM 652. 10764 - DIGITAL AMPLIFIERROCO # 10764 Digital amplifier The amplifier provides two direct connections (?master? ?slave?) for a multiMAUS and, e.g.

10775 - TURNOUT DECODER# 10775 - 8-FOLD TURNOUT DECODER DCC For up to eight individual turnouts or other electromagnetic devices .

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