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I picked up one of those Vollmer kits at a second-hand stall for a couple of quid and bashed it in to a more British looking container crane. I'm not into scatchbuild at the moment at least not to build a complex proyect like a crane. Just about any crane can be used to unload containers, it is just that the dedicated container cranes are faster and more efficient. I like the Plastruct Bondene as well, I regularly use MEK but I do prefer the Bondene and break it out when I think I'll need a bit of time to get things right. Tom,Your thread inspired me to go find my friend Bob's Tichy crane.Here it is where it normally lives in my home office. With the pressure from Greenlight Intermodal N-Scale Contest, I finally finished my container crane.The N-Scale semi is just for size comparison.
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I built a small crane for my layout based on one I saw in Edinburgh but it is quite basic.It sits on rails and the idea was to have magnets in along the bottom and magnets under the board so I could moved it back and forth.
I can't think of anything with proper rotating wheels (ie non static) that would match that trolley though. With all the internet, I was able to find close up pictures and drawings and with the help of forum members and their published work, I got a lot of ideas how to do it and what to avoid.
It will be a a drive way project since I think it is easier to walk around it than turn the model. So, what do you do so you don't get hacked? Well you could get in touch over the phone and a real model enthusiast will take your enquiry or order. We still offer our customers a personal service where advice and help count as much as much as sales.
I believe Gould was the original name of the outfit before it was named Tichy.Every single piece of the HO crane fit together perfectly.
I had to pull in some shop lights I had in the garage to bring out the details in the model.Bob was not afraid to take a model he had built and strip its parts for another project. Give us a try, we might be dinosaurs but we are nice dinosaurs. On the other hand some of our staff think we are Luddites (they came from around here) and prefer to use the computer. Friend, you would have seen the greed and hankering after money in this country, - money, money - what a terrible all pervasive greed! I could not believe how easy it was to build the kit given the number of pieces and the apparent complexity of the kit.

It should also not put any strain on the rollers if I accidentally hit them.No part is actually operational.
The trolley can be pushed back and forth but the Spreader cannot be lowered, nor the boom of the crane. Since Kalmar Industry was the only manufacturer of cranes that had great pictures and even a partial line drawing of their newest product online, I thought it would only right to put at least their name on my crane. Louis Narrow Gauge Convention I am confident that if I screw up the paint job again I can now blame it on Scotty's tutelage My buddy Bob won several awards at a plastic modelers contest with the Tichy crane HO kit.
In later years Bob continued to build railroad-themed plastic models to enter at the same contest. He entered it in the box stock category and won 1st in that category and several other awards. Bob's HO Tichy crane was the only railroad model in the whole contest.After Bob passed away his widow let me have many of Bob's models.

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