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This page will be no longer be updated as the layout has been sold due to insufficient space to complete it. The trackwork is "PECO Streamline" with "ELECTROFROG" points; control will be by a walkabout controller, brand tba. The layout will be operated by a team composed of members of the Stockport and District Railway Modellers. View detailsNow in response to popular demand we have introduced a range of lightweight modular model railway base-boards.

Please see our other listings for our standard modules and popular size baseboards and prices. Fitting Notes These dowels require a 9mm hole for the female half, with both halves counter bored to 25mm diameter x 3mm deep on the outside face. Designed to fit into a 11mm diameter hole drilled into the end of the model railway baseboard leg, which should be at least 40mm square.
These bearings are intended for use in fiddleyards, rather than in the more "cosmetic" parts of the layout.

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