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In the not too distant past, 2004 to be exact, the idea of gaming on a phone seemed far-fetched. The interface is a standard four-way directional pad, y’know, ideally suited to navigating a 3D environment, and two primary input buttons slightly raised over a 12-button keypad. Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory was by far the best looking game on the N-Gage, and the methodical nature of stealth action made it better adapted to the N-Gage’s difficult controls.
For whatever reason, the N-Gage ended up with the only video game adaption of Rifts ever made. A friend who worked for a cell phone store gave me a sim card that had 400 minutes a month on it. Daha sonra n-gage qd c?km?st?r,bu cok daha ufak ve kibar olmas?na ragmen kaliteden odun verilmistir ve mp3 calar? mono dur. Targeted at mobile gamers, the Nokia N-Gage ($299 list) offers online, mobile, multiplayer game play using Bluetooth and GPRS. Our opinion of this groundbreaking foray into the realm of multiplayer mobile gaming is tempered by several important design flaws. Game publishers may help compensate for Nokia's poor hardware design by releasing some must-have titles. The device includes full e-mail support (IMAP4, POP3, SMTP, and MIME2) and can synchronize your calendar, contacts, and tasks with many PC-based PIMs, such as Lotus Organizer and Microsoft Outlook. The current implementation prevents us from recommending the N-Gage to anyone except a technology enthusiast who simply wants the latest portable gadget. Cell phone games were rudimentary, and the Gameboy Advance was the de-facto portable experience. The screen is the size of a book of matches, with a horizontal integration (not landscape like we’re used to), which means 2D games have horrible draw distances. This was two years before the release of the PSP, so the hardware suffered, and vertical draw distance was atrocious.

All of the buttons contained some game functionality, so god help you if your finger slipped.
The first generation actually required you to remove the battery from the phone to change the game. They moved from a dedicated platform to downloadable titles that would work on phones that support the N-Gage software—an early pioneer in that regard. Haf?za kart? pili c?karmadan degistirilebilmektedir.Ekran? hicbir verisel fark olamamas?na ragmen daha iyidir *. Although the industry has widely embraced SD, for instance, Nokia chose to rely on MMC for storage of MP3s, images, and games.
Some games should do a good job of building a community by relying on GPRS to download additional content and to display ghosts of global high scores.
The most useful aspect of synchronization is that it can quickly and thoroughly populate your contact list.
On our informal rundown tests, we got approximately 6 hours of game time or 10 hours of music time. And though the all-in-one concept is appealing, once the battery dies you're left with nothing. Telefon biraz buyuktur ve konusma yapabilmek icin telefonu yan tutman?z gerekmektedir.Tum bunlara ragmen muhtesem bir telefondur al?skanl?k yapar.
Multiplayer gaming via Bluetooth is a lot of fun, and we got a kick out of playing baseball against someone across the room. You store music files on removable MMC media and transfer them from your PC via USB or Bluetooth.
Synchronization, however, is via Bluetooth only, so the process is slow and works only for the 1 percent of PC users who have Bluetooth. We made 6 phone calls of varied length and played music and games for 2 hours each, and the battery survived.

If multiplayer mobile gaming is your thing, the Nokia N-Gage is the best device; if you want only mobile gaming, stick with your Nintendo Game Boy.
Nokia, the largest cellphone manufacturer at the time, said, “Let’s pair our really popular phones with a comparable gaming experience.” The reality fell far off the map.
The N-Gage may very well define the mobile gaming market: a device that can serve as a mobile game platform, a tri-band GSM phone, an MP3 player, an FM tuner, an e-mail client, and a personal information manager.
This process includes turning the unit off, removing the headset, sliding off the back panel, removing the battery, replacing the MMC module, and then putting everything back together. Yet the screen is in portrait orientation, and many games are meant to be played in landscape, which means that the viewing area is often much smaller than the actual screen. You cannot listen to music while playing a game, however, because there is only one MMC slot. In addition, once installed, the multicast router software occupies 8MB of system resources and cannot be disabled. When we spent 5 hours playing games and listening to music, however, the battery died shortly afterward during a phone call. Unfortunately, several design flaws severely limit the device's usefulness, and we fear that the N-Gage will go down in history as a poorly implemented great idea.
The port of Pandemonium was tolerable, and Pathways to Glory was an okay entrant into the tactical strategy genre, which isn’t highly represented on handhelds.
Between the Bluetooth connectivity requirement for PC synchronization and the hassle of using multitap input, the N-Gage will not meet the needs of the mobile professional. We did find it useful as a digital photo viewer, however, reading images from MMC and displaying them on the built-in screen.

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