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No picked out cab details on older models, though new versions are a little improved with painted inside cab roof, but still not up to modern standards.
It looks as it should, capturing the prototype very well indeed.  For this reason I own two!  Slope-sided tender (below) is paired with the locomotive on appropriate versions and earlier representations of the type correctly do not have smoke deflectors fitted. Tender derailing is a major issue although newer versions are better, if not perfect.  Otherwise smooth. Does as well as it should in this department and easily hauls 4 carriages around tight second radius curves. RRP a little high, for an older model but there are loads to be found secondhand for very good prices, so its quite easy to add one or two to your fleet for little money! Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. A Total of five N Class Destroyers were transferred from the RN to the RAN and although Commissioned into the RAN and crewed by Australian sailors they remained the property of the Royal Navy. NAPIER had a larger deck-house aft for additional accommodation and served as the flotilla leader. The 2 Ponder Pom-Pom was situated just aft of the funnel and even later 40mm Bofors replaced the 20mm Oerlikons. NESTOR, the only RAN N class Ship to be lost, was damaged by enemy aircraft near Crete on 15th June, 1942, and despite a the efforts of HMS JAVELIN to tow the destroyer to safety she eventually succumbed and sunk. After the war, the four surviving N Class ships were given back to the Royal Navy, and their crews transferred to the Q class destroyers QUADRANT, QUALITY and QUEENBOROUGH. HMAS NESTOR was one of eight ‘N’ class destroyers laid down in British shipyards during 1939 to the order of the Royal Navy. NESTOR was commissioned on the Clyde on 3 February 1941 and joined the Home Fleet based on Scapa Flow and spent the first months of service escorting North Atlantic convoys, on patrol and screening the Fleet capital ships at sea. NESTOR was a unit of the force which hunted and sank the German battleship BISMARCK, although having been diverted to Iceland to refuel she was not with the force when the BISMARCK was sunk on 27 May 1941.
In July 1941 NESTOR entered the Mediterranean for the first time when she operated as one of the escorts for the passage of important Malta convoys (Operation ‘Substance’).
Escort duties were resumed on 5 December 1941 when she sailed from Devonport to rendezvous with a Gibraltar bound convoy. In January 1942 NESTOR left the Mediterranean theatre to support operations to reinforce Malaya.
In late March and early April NESTOR was engaged on patrol and escort duties in the Indian Ocean and on the screen of the Fleet. Enemy air attacks carried out almost exclusively by land based aircraft began almost as soon as the convoy left Alexandria.

On the afternoon of 15 June a signal was received intimating that a second convoy had succeeded in reaching Malta from the west (Operation ‘Harpoon’), but in view of the strength of enemy air attack and the presence of the Italian fleet, it was finally decided to break off the westward passage and return to Alexandria. At about 1800 on 15 June 1942, when the convoy was off the south west corner of Crete (33°36?N, 24°30?E), NESTOR was straddled by a stick of heavy bombs which caused serious damage to her boiler rooms. Other losses in the attempt to reach Malta from the east included one cruiser, two destroyers, and two merchant ships sunk. Gun Plot is a personally owned and funded website by a former Royal Australian Navy Chief Petty Officer (Gunnery) and has no affiliation whatsoever with the Royal Australian Navy or Department of Defence.
See my other Australian locos and rolling stock July-August 2001 This is my first original locomotive MOC. LEGO®,Technic®, Mindstorms® are trademarks of The LEGO Group of companies, which does not sponsor, authorise or endorse this site.
These models, available from Auscision, feature many locomotive specific details and variations, as was the case in real life.
They are fitted with scale-sized couplers and can have their headlights switched off for double-heading. The Aft torpedo tubes could be replaced by a 4" gun and eventually all five ships had their tubes removed so as to provide increased Anti-Surface and AA capabilities. In a strange quirk of fate Nestor sunk in the Mediterranean Sea on16th June 1942 without ever having ever been in Australian waters.
Five (NAPIER, NESTOR, NEPAL, NIZAM and NORMAN) were transferred to the Royal Australian Navy, two to the Royal Netherlands Navy and one to the Polish Navy. In August she saw further Mediterranean service before proceeding on escort duties in the South Atlantic. On 15 December, off Cape St Vincent, she sighted the German submarine U-127 on the surface at a distance of about seven miles. Two days later she proceeded as one of the escorts of a convoy bound for Alexandria and on 30 December, sailed from that port on the screen of the heavy ships for the bombardment of Bardia (Lybia), prior to it's capture by the British 8th Army. Following a visit to the temporary base of the Eastern Fleet at Kilindini (East Africa) she proceeded on an exercise cruise to Zanzibar and in June returned to the Mediterranean. Arliss DSO) and NIZAM, forming the 7th Destroyer Flotilla for Operation ‘Vigorous’, the passage of an east to west Malta convoy.
Early attacks were concentrated on the cruisers and the eleven ships of the convoy but later the destroyers became the principal targets. She was taken in tow by HMS JAVELIN but at about 0530 the next morning (16 June), with the destroyer then going down by the nose, permission was requested to scuttle.
The locomotives are all fitted with head end power (HEP) for the provision of electricity to their train.

However, as part of the North-East Gauge Standardisation Project, some units will be placed on standard gauge for operating the Albury passenger train services.
The grilles on some of Auscision's A and B class locomotives began to lift after delivery because of sparse glue application and the lack of locating lugs. NESTOR opened fire with her main armament, forcing the U-Boat to dive, and after gaining contact made a successful attack with depth charge.
The operation successfully concluded, the carrier and her escort proceeded to Port Soudan to load a second flight of planes. The total covering force comprised eight cruisers and twenty-six destroyers supported by corvettes and nine submarines. The N class improves on this particular shortcoming by featuring locating lugs on the grilles.
Too late to land them in Malaya (Singapore had fallen), they were flown off some 100 miles off Colombo in time to take part in the defence of that port against the first Japanese air attack. Parting from INDOMITABLE, NESTOR proceeded to Trincomalee and after docking at Colombo joined the Eastern Fleet, then being reformed under Admiral Somerville.
Thanks to James Jessiman for the original Ldraw, and all the contributors to this great set of tools! Rather, they are a closely related species that was recently (2006) described by a group of German scientists as Poelicia wingei.
Sticklers for detail will notice my model only has 2 axle bogies - I looked at 3-axle bogies, but the loco would have ended up much too long. John Endler in 1975 in Lago de los Patos, Venezuela and brought back to the USA, where they became established in the aquarium trade.
Native populations of these fish show amazing colors and have a tremendous amount of variation. Yes, I cheated with the head-end power cables - only drew them up to where they join the connectors. In the last 15 years, new collections have been made from the populations in and around Lago de los Patos, which, sadly, is threatened by runoff from a nearby garbage dump. By no risk, we mean that if your critters arrive DOA, whether it's our fault or the fault of the USPS, we will re-ship them at NO ADDITIONAL COST TO YOU. Just email us a digital picture of the dead fish in the unopened INNER bag within 2 hrs of the first delivery attempt.

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