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Due to USPS size restrictions, we are not able to ship this set via USPS Priority Mail International. The cookie settings on this website are set to 'allow all cookies' to give you the very best experience.If you continue without changing these settings, you consent to this - but if you want, you can turn cookies off on this website by clicking here. Lionel O Gauge Set 6 Catalogue No.11839 consisting of 4-6-2 Steam Freight Set Locomotive Spokane Portland and Seattle. Rail King by MTH O Gauge NS Norfolk Southern Train Set consisting of Norfolk & Southern Dash-8 Locomotive with NS Flat Car and Tractor and Trailers and a NS Caboose.
Rail King MTH O Gauge Catalogue No.30-2126-1 L Co PA Diesel AA Set Denver and Rio Grand, 3-rail Electric. Rail King MTH Catalogue No.30-2171-1 O Gauge Great Northern EP-5 2-rail Electric Locomotive.
Rail King MTH Freight Cars consisting of Catalogue No.30-7312 Norfolk Southern Tank Car, 30-7219 New York Central Gondola Car, 30-7737 Southern Pacific Steel Caboose, 30-7510 Norfolk and Southern semi scale Hopper Car, 30-7430 Union Pacific rounded roof Box Car and 30-7632 Union Pacific Flat Car with Trailer.
K-LINE O Gauge Streamliner Passenger Cars for the Golden State consisting of Pennsylvania Imperial Terrace and Imperial Range. K-LINE O Gauge 4 pack individually numbered Rail Cars for the "CINNCOTT COPPER CORPORATION" x 2. K-LINE O Gauge Circus Set consisting of 4-6-4 Loco and 8-wheel Tender and 5 8-wheeled Freight Cars all advertising the Barmham & Bailey Circus The Greatest Show On Earth, set includes assorted figures, bill boards, ticket booth, circus ring, popcorn cart, stage and a number of other items associated with the circus.

Each of our RailKing ready-to-run sets includes everything you need to get started, all in one box because we consider the ready-to-run train set our best opportunity to make a great impression on any newcomer to the wonderful world of model railroading. MTH Rail King O 30-4215-1 Pennsylvnia 4-6-0 steam passenger train set includes a die-cast steam locomotive, 3-Car freight car consist, 31" x 51" 12 piece RealTrax circle, RailWare interactive DVD with track layout software, lighted track lock-on, and a 50 watt transformer with wireless digital remote commander. In its heyday, the Pennsylvania Railroad was one of the largest transportation systems the world had ever seen. MTH Rail King O gauge already assembled 4-6-0 steam freight train set locomotive features die-cast boiler and chassis, flywheel equipped motor, locomotive speed control in scale MPH increments, electronic reverse unit, remotely controlled proto-coupler, operating headlight, synchronized puffing ProtoSmoke unit, all-metal wheels and gears, and Proto-Sound 3.0 sound system featuring passenger Proto effects.
MTH Rail King O 30-4216-1 Pennsylvania 4-6-0 steam passenger train set includes 4-6-0 die cast steam locomotive, a baggage car, a coach car, an observation car, twelve piece RealTrax track able to create a 31" x 51", RailWare interactive DVD with track layout software, a Lighted Track Lock-On, and a 50 watt transformer with wireless digital remote commander. MTH Road King Amtrak genesis train set has a twin motor along with all of the track and a z750 transformer and four super liner cars. Electric Trains has long offered families everything you need to build a model railroad of your own from track to transformers to locomotives to cars and buildings.
In an era before air travel was common, the Pennsylvania Railroad's Broadway - along with its rival, the New York Central's Twentieth Century Limited - were the way to travel between New York and Chicago in style.
Over its 30,000 miles of track roamed thousands of locomotives and tens of thousands of cars, most of them designed by the railroad itself and many of them built in the road's own shops in Altoona, PA. With its huge plumes of puffing smoke, deep chuffing sound, and wailing whistle, it's easy to imagine you're battling your way west across Horseshoe curve to deliver the goods to Chicago or St.

The freight cars features intricately detailed durable ABS bodies, die-cast 4-wheel trucks, operating die-cast metal couplers, colorful and attractive paint schemes, fast-angle wheel sets, needle-point axles, andmetal wheels and axles.
At the end of a long day at work, you could board the train, have a gourmet dinner in the diner while the porter made up your bed, be rocked to sleep by the gentle motion of your sleeping car, wake up to a fine breakfast, and arrive at your destination in time for a morning meeting.
Imagine you're a CEO or movie star taking in the view from the rear platform of the observation car, as the locomotive's whistle echoes off the Appalachian mountainsides. For even more fun, add extra cars decorated for the Pennsylvania and other railroads - this heavy, die-cast steam locomotive has plenty of power to pull them. Our recreation of the Pennsy's finest name train features realistic whistle, bell, and steam chuff sounds, huge plumes of puffing smoke, and station announcements for the Broadway Limited. For even more fun, add extra lighted passenger cars, each with interior detail - this heavy, die-cast steam locomotive has plenty of power to get them over the mountains.
Its 16-cylinder, 4300 horsepower motor was designed to meet the Environmental Protection Agency's Tier-2 emissions requirements that took effect in 2005, and this engine delivers 10 percent more horsepower with 50 percent less emissions than its predecessor.
In addition to the diesel motor, virtually every element of the SD70ACe has been re-thought to create a 21st century locomotive.

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