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With a wave of consolidation behind it, North American railroading is once again a good business to be in. At the heart of the Evolution Series is a brand new prime mover, the turbocharged four-cycle, 12-cylinder GEVO-12. GE claims the EVOs are "the most fuel-efficient, most environmentally friendly diesel locomotives in history. Proto-Sound 3.0 equipped locomotives can be controlled in command mode with any DCC compliant command control system. Dash-8 Narrow Nose Diesel Engine - With Proto-Sound 2.0 (Hi-Rail Wheels) - Norfolk Southern Cab Nos.
In the late 1980s, as General Electric and General Motors' Electro-Motive Division engaged in heated competition (that continues today) for market share in the high horsepower category, GE announced its Dash 8 line of diesel locomotives. We're the only HO manufacturer to produce die-cast HO steam locomotives with the widest selection of features available today.
While producing the same 4400 horsepower as its 16-cylinder FDL-series predecessor, the GEVO-12 uses less fuel and spits out 40% fewer emissions.
Fully loaded, an Evolution Series diesel carries 5000 gallons of diesel fuel, 450 gallons of lube oil, and 400 gallons of cooling water.
While the user won't have access to all of the incredible features of Proto-Sound 3.0, independent control over the locomotive is possible. Although the first demonstrator version had only 3,200 hp, most of the Dash-8s had 4,000 hp when delivered and were therefore designated Dash 8-40.

Locomotive orders are coming in at a solid pace from the Big Six roads that dominate rail transportation on the continent: Union Pacific, BNSF, CSX, Norfolk Southern, Canadian National, and Canadian Pacific. Each of its cylinders displaces 950 cubic inches, nearly three times as much as an entire Corvette V-8. Listen to the chant of an authentic GEVO-12 motor in the Proto-Sound 3 versions, and throttle down as low as three scale miles per hour so you can admire the details as the Evolution Series glides by: see-through fans and grilles, walkways with safety tread, flashing ditch lights, windshield wipers, body and truck air brake piping, and a host of other separately applied details. This means you can continue to use your existing DCC controller to independently control your other DCC equipped locomotives in addition to your Proto-Sound 3.0 locomotive on the same track at the same time. Because GE builds its diesel locomotives in five modules, it was able to customize its Dash 8s for each buyer to an unusual degree. Most of our passenger cars, like the Norfolk & Western car seen in the above photo, are built to exacting specifications from their real-life counterpart. And the two remaining diesel builders are locked in a battle to become the locomotive supplier for the 21st century. Before they went on sale in 2005, 52 preproduction units were tested in revenue service across the continent for more than a year. Activate the couplers from anywhere on the layout using any DCC controller or the DCS Digital Command System. Some railroads ordered their Dash 8s with conventional cabs, while others opted for the wider North American or comfort cabs, identified by a "W" in the engine name. Many of our sets feature cars with roadname specific interiors (including interior colors), working end-of-car diaphragms, lighted observation marker lights and drumheads, KadeeĀ® couplers and overhead, constant voltage LED lighting.

Caterpillarr-owned EMD, no longer a division of General Motors, is represented by the AC-traction-motored SD70ACe and its DC-traction sibling, the SD70M-2. Every Big Six railroad has ponied up to buy the ES44, with the BNSF currently rostering the largest EVO fleet. For the ultimate in power and sound, operate these diesels in multiple-unit lashups under DCC, or DCS digital command control. Some Dash 8s have 4-wheel trucks - denoted with a "B" - while a Dash 8-40C has 6-wheel trucks.
This variety meant that these diesels, which were designed for fast freight duty, also found a home in Amtrak passenger service. DCS system, you can double- or even triple-head the ES44AC with virtually any combination of 3.0 locomotives. The microprocessor, a small computer, regulates rpm, fuel injection volume, generator excitation, and many other operational features to make the Dash 8s run more efficiently than any diesels before them. The microprocessor in the prototype Dash 8 recognizes if its 16-cylinder engine is overheating in a tunnel, as opposed to a malfunction on the open rails, and allows it to keep operating at full power for ten minutes so the crew doesn't find itself stranded in a tunnel.

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