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Our system will automatically choose the best carrier at the time of shipment to help us deliver the lowest prices and fastest service possible. O Gauge fans are long familiar with our operating Proto-Couplers found throughout our RailKing, Premier and even Rugged Rail locomotive lineups. Outside of the O Gauge market, though, O gauge couplers are the bane of O scale model railroaders who find them large, bulky and unsightly. We think you'll agree that if we can design a working Proto-Coupler for HO, then a scale version for O gauge can't be far behind!

But, we thought you might want to see what the future of O Scale models might hold as evidenced in this HO development we've been touting for the past few months. Consequently, many operators find O scale couplers, like those from Kadee, a viable way to make their O gauge models more realistic. Don't worry, you'll still have a choice between traditional O Gauge Proto-Couplers and the new O Scale Proto-Coupler when they are developed.
However, while most of our Premier Line models come with Kadee coupler mounts, transitioning to the Kadee means giving up one of the most popular features found on today's O gauge models, the remotely controlled operating coupler.

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