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Here is an MTH 40-1016 RealTrax 5 Inch Straight Track + MTH 40-1017 RealTrax 4.25 Inch Track Section. All listings sold via Auction are subject to a 15% Buyer's Premium which will be collected at checkout. The MTH series of O gauge 3-rail Scaletrax track has a blackened centre rail which gives a much improved appearance.
Founded in the 1980s, MTH began producing a full line of O Gauge trains in 1994 and has since expanded into G Scale, Standard Gauge, and HO Scale. Our system will automatically choose the best carrier at the time of shipment to help us deliver the lowest prices and fastest service possible.

Featuring metal rails strong enough to stand on and a built-in roadbed for a realistic appearance ensures that a RealTrax layout will last for years while sporting a realistic appearance not found in other O Gauge track systems. RealTrax incorporates built-in track bed joiners and long-lasting sprung- metal electrical connectors that make assembling RealTrax literally a snap.
The built-in roadbed prevents any dirt from staining your carpet and it comes apart so easily that your temporary layout can be disassembled in minutes. While the RealTrax system won't rust or oxidize in an outdoor environment, the plastic roadbed and rail ties are constructed of ABS plastic that can be compromised outdoors. Essentially, ABS plastic is not designed to withstand extreme temperature swings and can distort (in high heat) or crack in extreme cold.

In addition, the plastic will tend to fade in color since it has not been treated with UV resistant paint.

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