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There are several exceptions to the rule (numbering scheme; suffix and number of powered and non-powered cars) which I will discuss here. Set #30-2273-0 and #30-2273-1 was an MTA work train that contained various non-subway cars, but included as one of its units, an R-17 subway car which was officially coded as NON-POWERED ITEM #30-2273C.
Dealer Appreciation Program (DAP) is an MTH uncataloged program that offers very limited sets to dealers directly for ultimate sale to the public, most likely to their best customers.

Subway cars being delivered, refurbished, or retired and sent out for scrap, often travel by either flatbed truck; or placed on special flatcars by barge (car floats) or by train and then unloaded and towed by diesel locomotive onto the railroad network. A big thanks to Andy Edleman for his help in researching and being available for an interview and allowing us to share his thoughts and comments in the preparation of this article.

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