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While the original paint schemes were usually drab variations on standard box car red, new schemes in the 1950s and later brought color back to the American freight train.
MTH Premier O Scale freight cars are the perfect complement to any manufacturera€™s scale proportioned O Gauge locomotives. Virtually every sturdy car is offered in two car numbers, which makes it even easier than ever to combine them into a multi-car consist. MTH Premier O 20-91436 Bay Window Caboose, Union Pacific #24565As freight cars grew taller, observing a train from the cupola of a caboose became increasingly difficult. MTH Premier O Scale freight cars are the perfect complement to any manufacturer's scale proportioned O Gauge locomotives. Unlike equipment that carried a variety of loads, like boxcars, flatcars, and gondolas, the "sawtooth" style coal hopper was designed in the late 1800s specifically for one purpose: transporting coal from mines to customers.
Virtually every sturdy car is offered in two car numbers which makes it even easier than ever to combine them into a mult-car consist. The Union Pacific flat car with pipe load already assembled is based on the ones built in 1988. The DASH catalog is an encyclopedia of Model Trains organized by category with photos, values and more!

Wood box cars, which were built into the World War I era, and early steel cars were largely non-standardized, with details varying from railroad to railroad. Whether you prefer to purchase cars separately or assemble a unit train, MTH Premier Rolling Stock has the cars for you in a variety of car types and paint schemes.
Its prototype was built largely in the 1960s and '70s, just before the destinations for these cars - mainly utility power plants and harbor side shipping facilities - began switching to rotary unloading.
Many of MTH's Premier Rolling Stock offerings can also operate on the tightest O Gauge curves giving them even more added versatitlity to your layout.
The move toward standardization began with American Railway Association (ARA) designs of 1923 and 1932. In an effort to solve these problems, the Akron, Canton & Youngstown railroad introduced the bay window caboose in 1923.
While many of these cars survive in service today, newer coal cars are technically not hoppers at all.
And its slope sheets - the angled floors at either end of the car - were set at precisely the angle at which coal would flow easily from its bottom doors.
Two-bay cars, however, remained ideal for smaller coal dealers serving the home heating market, usually with clean-burning anthracite coal; larger cars generally delivered softer, dirtier burning bituminous coal to industrial clients and the railroads themselves.

It culminated in the 1937 AAR box car, the prototype for this Premier model, which was adopted by railroads from coast to coast and built in the tens of thousands. With trough-like bottoms and no hopper doors, they're actually high-sided gondolas designed solely for rotary unloading. A revision of axle ratings by the Association of American Railroads (AAR) in 1963 paved the way for 100-ton cars like our model, the final evolution of more than seven decades of coal hopper design. During the same decade, the Milwaukee Road and the Northern Pacific built substantial bay window fleets as well.
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