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The Lionel catalog for 1936 introduced the new 249 as a "high speed powerful conventional locomotive with chrome plated trimmings and a wealth of embossed details." While smaller, less expensive, less elaborate and smaller than the 260E and its successor the 263, the 249 was nonetheless lauded in Lionel's catalog for its prototype accuracy. RailKing Overton Passenger Cars are the perfect complement for any 19th century or earlier steam era locomotive. Designed to bring authenticity and smooth performing operation to any O Gauge layout, modelers will find no finer O Gauge value than RailKing Passenger Cars.
MTH RailKing - O Scale - 3-Car Overton Passenger Coach Set - Virginia & Truckee (V&T) Coach Nos. This "spunky" set features a Commodore Vanderbilt 2-4-2, modeled after the swanky engine from the 1930s, and an articulated passenger train. This site requires JavaScript to function properly.Please enable JavaScript in your web browser.
Each car has been manufactured to the same exacting standards as those cars found in our sets.
A picture looking forward from approximately the engineer's point of view noted that, "Looking alongside the new No.
Configured in 3-car coach sets, each features car interior detail, overhead interior lighting, end-of-car diaphragms and intricate under-car detail. Take the then-popular Commodore Vanderbilt steam locomotive (the swankiest engine on the New York Central at the time) and pair it with a streamlined vividly colored train set.
You can expect the color and features to match your set's cars in order to create a longer, more prototypically correct consist.
249E gives the same picture a real engine would - with piping, air compressors, domes and drivers correctly proportioned, accurately detailed and brilliantly chromium plated." Sharing the same motor as its larger brethren, the 249 was cataloged until 1939 and was part of the last hurrah of tinplate.

All configurations are mounted atop die-cast metal 4-wheel trucks with operating metal couplers, metal wheels and metal axles. When the 249 disappeared from the line, the production of high-quality, sheet-metal trains had passed into history.
265E 2-4-2 Commodore Vanderbilt and mated it with the firm’s medium-priced articulated passenger car set featuring the nos. Tinplate box and considered the passenger car set and how it was to be pulled by a locomotive that, in my frame of reference, reminded me of a small Marx engine. The fact that the Commodore Vanderbilt was stamped steel was about all the two had in common.If you’re familiar with the Commodore Vanderbilt, you’ll immediately recognize the silhouette on the O gauge model. It looks ready for speed, like that kid in the old auto commercials that chattered, “Zoom, zoom, zoom.”Clearly, the locomotive is a representation that suggests the prototype rather than an attempt to copy it detail for detail. But what it does offer is commendable.Save perhaps for the slight bulge at the steam chests, the model gets the look of the Commodore Vanderbilt “bathtub” right.
The headlight and airfoil on the front of the nose, the smokestack and raised domes on top, and the handrails for the running boards are great.Added signage includes the Lionel circle-L logo (and its silver, blue, and orange colors still have hypnotizing effect), a placard with the name “Commodore Vanderbilt” on the flanks, and the number “No.
265-E” just below the cab windows.The tender is a streamlined model clearly patterned after the original Vandy’s mate. The reproduction adds a wire tether between the locomotive and tender.Of course, the locomotive is a 2-4-2, hardly possessing the majesty of the real thing’s 4-6-4 Hudson wheel arrangement, but hey, this is a train from the olden days (1935-40) where the target was kids, not kids wanting to re-capture the old times.
But I suppose that if you’re taking a second look at a tinplate product, you probably aren’t a two-rail scale operator!The passenger cars are a neat three-unit articulated car set.
Okay, you ask “What’s an articulated car set?”Simply put, the individual cars make something of a unit. Where a set of three conventional cars would have six trucks, this outfit makes do with four. The origins of this system may have been to save a buck, but I like to think it was to enhance the snakelike image of this train rounding a curve.

The vestibule section simulates the place where cars connect to and passengers to move through the train.The cars are stamped steel with ribbing on the rooftops, and on the sides below the windows.
Each car has simulated stamped-in impressions for side doors, as well as add-on grab irons. But that word kept popping up as this mighty midget gave all it had to keep the three-car set blazing along the line.
I didn’t expect a great deal from the 2-4-2, but watching it dig into the rails and get the stamped-steel train set moving was a joy. You may be able to coax a bit more out of it, but this is pretty much the high end.I debated whether or not to do a drawbar test, since it is unlikely anyone will add cars to this outfit. In case you’re curious, the drawbar pull is 1 pound, 2 ounces.The sound package was the generic steam effects we’ve heard on previous tinplate products, and it does sound pretty nice. A switch lets you silence the effects, so you can experience the faint, almost Zen-like sound of metal machinery in action. The smoke unit generated a ton of the white stuff, and was best when operating at low speeds, which allows you to easily see the chuffs in sync with the sounds. Even though it doesn’t penetrate 100 percent of the cars, it’s bright enough, especially with the train room lights off.I enjoy the look and performance of prewar-style tinplate trains simply because of the fact that they aren’t trying to be scale-detailed models of a real train. Tinplate reproductions excel at capturing the spirit of a bygone era when model trains could be large, shiny, and the colors of the rainbow.

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