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Whenever new model train enthusiasts start thinking about building their first set, they’re confronted with issues about how to create a layout. The first thing you need to know is that a MTH train layout is simply the construction of the tracks, accessories (like buildings, trees, foliage, people, and cars), on a surface that is arranged in a specific configuration. Of course, the scale you choose is going to be dependent upon the amount of space that you have available to work with.
For instance, you can choose a MTH premier rolling stock for your O scale train layout, showing intricate details and attractive paint jobs.
There are even train layouts built to scale that are large enough to accommodate human passengers. The number and type of accessories available for your layout is limited only by your imagination. You can buy very realistic looking vegetation, railroad crossing signs, train stations, people, cars, trucks, soldiers, streetlights, etc. And even if you were able to come up with a theme for which there were limited or no accessories available, you always have the option of manufacturing or creating your own. MTH Electric Trains, an American private company, designs, manufactures and imports a range of toy trains and model railroad equipment and accessories. When Williams Electric decided to cease production of its Lionel Standard gauge and O gauge reproductions, Wolf bought the necessary equipment and continued building the replicas. In 1987, Lionel approached Samhongsa, MTH’s South Korean subcontractor, about manufacturing Standard Gauge trains that bore the Lionel name. This was so successful that by the early 1990s, MTH was the second-largest mail-order Lionel dealer in the United States. By early 1993 the relationship between MTH and Lionel struck trouble as a result of MTH deciding to market its own O scale model of the General Electric Dash 8 diesel locomotive, which Wolf had originally offered to produce for Lionel.

Once that was settled, MTH began expanding its own product line, by adding the former Lionel vintage reproductions, reproductions of models from other manufacturers, and some new original designs of their own. Although their train cars are the same size and can be operated as part of the same train, the two companies’ locomotives differ in that they use their own proprietary electronic control systems. Mth electric trains with g scale locomotives and g scale model train products are sold at model trains go..
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For example, you can create a layout that resembles a scene from the Civil War era, with reenactments of famous battles complete with cannons, Calvary, infantry soldiers, battlefields, and troop cars such as the MTH RailKing 34' Box Car to ferry fighting men to and from the front lines on your rail.
Scaling your layout simply means choosing the size of your train, track, and accessories so that it has a realistic look.
For very small spaces you probably want to use “N” scale, which happens to be half of “00”. Your choices include nostalgic rolling stock such as 36' Wood Sided Reefer Car from the Independence Brewing Company or a MTH Premier O 64' Woodsided Coach Car with period ad copy and brightly painted graphics. Model trains built on that kind of scale are usually quite expensive but boy are they really fun to play with. There are accessories available for just about any layout theme you decide that you want to build. The list is endless, and the combination of accessories that you can put together is all but infinite. That’s when you can let your imagination run wild and create the perfect layout of whatever you envision. Wolf had started out assembling and selling trains in 1973 for Williams Electric Trains at the age of 12.

When his offer was rejected Wolf decided to market the new locomotive himself responded by canceling MTH’s Lionel dealership. By 1998, MTH had become the largest manufacturer of O gauge trains, exceeding Lionel’s market share and employing about 135 staff.
MTH uses a system called Digital Command System (DCS), which can operate MTH engines while Lionel uses Trainmaster Command Control (TMCC), used by many other O gauge manufacturers, and Digital Command Control (DCC), which is an open industry standard used by most two-rail scales. In addition to Proto-Sound 3.0, this well detailed model features sprung drivers, lighted marker lights, constant-voltage headlight, fully-detailed cab interior, cab-to-tender deck plate and die-cast boiler, chassis and tender. If you have more space to work with, like a garden, then you would most likely want to use the “00” scale. For example, the MTH O Premier End-of-Train-Device Roller Bearing Freight Truck or the Tinplate #59 Gooseneck Lamp Set to give your layout a look of realism.
Williams Electric Trains was manufacturing reproductions of Lionel trains in the early 1970s and Wolf operated a mail order business selling Williams trains and parts from his parents’ home. By late 1987, MTH had become a Lionel subcontractor which allowed MTH’s Lionel reproductions to branded with the Lionel name and be marketed by Lionel itself. This resulted in MTH filing an anti-trust suit against Lionel, which was eventually settled out of court in 1995. A significant part of this agreement between these two manufacturers, MTH was permitted to sell Lionel trains products as part of its mail order business.

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