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It will be shipped when we receive it from the manufacturer and you will be charged at that time. All listings sold via Auction are subject to a 15% Buyer's Premium which will be collected at checkout. There is a common center contact and a normally open contact and a normally open contact to be used with block signals.
The normally open contact tyically connects to the red light, and the normally closed contact goes to the green light. Instead of sensing a train in a block by weight like the 153C, it senses the train via an infared beam.

A wiring diagram and photos describe my installation which does not function and displays the following characteristics:1. The setup is based on using Auxiliary Power from the 14v DC terminals on the transformer.2. When the auxiliary power is turned on, the Flashing LED lights start blinking and do not turn off.3.
When the locomotive passes through the crossing, there is no effect on the gates.The installation was in accordance with my interpretation of the two sets of operating instructions- Gates and ITAD. The input terminals on the ITAD were interchangeable, ie, either could be the positive terminal.3.

As auxiliary power is selected on the ITAD switch, it was of no importance for the ITAD to be on the same side of the track as the Lock-On for track power.4.
There is not direction about the location or orientation of the ITAD, nor any information on considerations for the infrared sensing circuit.
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