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MTH HO 81-4006-0 Christmas EMD F3 deluxe freight train set includes a powerful diesel locomotive, three car freight consist with hopper, gondola, and caboose, easy 14 piece snap together track which creates a 36" x 45" RealTrax Oval with removable roadbed, a CSA-approved 24 watt transformer with controller, track lock on with wires to connect to transformer.For more than a century, toy trains and Christmas have been a magical combination. MTH HO 85-74101 Illinois Central 40' PS-1 box car already assembled is based on the ones built MC in 1972. For more than two decades, the Pennsylvania Railroad experimented with locomotive designs in search of a high-speed, mainline passenger electric. Produced from 1963 to 1966, the GP35, along with its six-axle SD35 sibling, marked both an end and a beginning. Introduced to compete with General Electric's landmark U25B, which had ushered in the second generation of diesel power, the GP35 outsold the "U-Boat" nearly three to one. See and hear this new locomotive as it hauls a freight train on the Model Railroader club layout, the Milwaukee, Racine & Troy. What better way to create your own family's version of a classic tradition than to include this beautifully decorated Christmas set around your tree.
That search ended in 1934 with the GG-1, a cooperative effort by the PRR, Baldwin, Westinghouse, and General Electric, based largely on neighbor New Haven's successful EP3 juice jack. They were the last road diesels to use the EMD 567 motor that had powered switchers, F-units, and Geeps since 1939 (so named because each cylinder displaced 567 cubic inches).

There was a strong market for new power in the mid-1960s because the first-generation diesels that had vanquished steam were wearing out.
Industrial designer Raymond Loewy cleaned up the original riveted body to create a design that looked contemporary for half a century. For the horsepower race of the 1960s, EMD tweaked the 567 to a turbocharged V-16 delivering 2500 hp. While first-generation rosters had often been a hodgepodge of manufacturers and models as railroads experimented with the new technology, by 1960 Alco, EMD, and GE were the only manufacturers left standing - and Alco would soon throw in the towel. Christmas Express freight set captures the spirit and fun of model railroading in an affordable train set that will last for years. That was it for the 567, however, and in 1966 the baton was passed to the more powerful model 645. And when you want to expand your railroad, the rugged, eight-wheel-drive Christmas diesel has all the power you'll need to pull a long string of cars.Trailing the locomotive are three cars bearing distinctive Christmas paint schemes. As with all of our HO sets, the Christmas Express outfit is compatible with all standard HO trains. Re-engineered for freight service and run as double-headers, a pair of GG1s delivered about the same traction effort as a Union Pacific Big Boy, with virtually no noise, no smoke, much less wear on the track, and significantly less maintenance.

Their angled cab roofs and the clean, squared-off lines of their car bodies established the look of EMD power for the next three decades. This set includes everything you need to begin your model railroading adventure, including a powerful transformer and a large 36" x 45",14-piece Realtrax oval that assembles in minutes and can be placed right on the carpet or floor for a quick, temporary layout. Many GG-1s racked up more than five million miles of service, outlasting the railroad that built them and serving its two successors, the Penn Central and Conrail.
In addition, the Proto-Sound version of the Christmas Express (sold separately) features CD-quality sounds that will amaze your friends and family. If there were a Locomotive Hall of Fame, the Pennsylvania Railroad GG-1 would surely be one of the first inductees. Imagine their faces when the horn blares, the bell clangs, the diesel motor revs up as you advance the throttle, and the conductor announces Santa's next station stop!

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