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The H10 was the last and largest in a line of Pennsy Consolidations that stretched back to 1875.
When the H10 engines were constructed, the Pennsy was still divided into Lines West - all of its affiliated railroads west of Pittsburgh - and Lines East. Proto-Sound 3.0 equipped locomotives can be controlled in command mode with any DCC compliant command control system. 7688 was preserved by the Pennsy as part of its historical collection in Northumberland, PA. With a good engine crew, an H10 could hustle about 50 cars along level track, or considerably more cars in drag service hauling coal or iron ore.

It was a measure of the Pennsylvania Railroad's conservative management that in the early 1920s, its entire front line freight fleet consisted of a wheel arrangement deemed obsolete by other railroads.
It resides today in the main exhibition hall of the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania along with two earlier Consolidations: H3 No.
This means you can continue to use your existing DCC controller to independently control your other DCC equipped locomotives in addition to your Proto-Sound 3.0 locomotive on the same track at the same time. By the mid- and late-1920s, however, the H10s and their older siblings were pushed into secondary and branch line service by the arrival of larger, more modern power: Mikados, Decapods, and Mountains.
Many Consolidations sat out the Depression years in storage, until recalled to service by the crush of World War II traffic.

Rods and valve gear have a prototypically darkened, grimy appearance, and the ProtoSound 3.0 sound and control system features an accurate Pennsy whistle. From the war years though the end of steam, H10's could be found all over the Pennsy, the Long Island Railroad, and the Pennsylvania Reading Seashore Line in switching, work train, branch line, and occasionally main line service. If you model any period from the Woodrow Wilson era to the Eisenhower years, there's an appropriate chore on your railroad for this rugged, muscular-looking steamer.

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