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Just months before Pearl Harbor, the American Locomotive Company delivered the first Big Boy to the Union Pacific Railroad.
Thats one of the problems with a big boy there really aren't many layouts where one can justify running a bog boy. Lionel only made the challenger in HO, and I have a hard time keeping mine in running order. Yes, but not under steam with a crew -- towed dead as part of a regular freight train and with the running gear only partly assembled. Way back in the day when  they were built the rail situation was much different and the lines of the PRR and many other railroads east of the Mississippi were more the adequate to handle the weight of the behemoth.
The main reason you will never see the only remaining Challenger on a fan trip here in the east is strictly for monetary reasons.

While the Big Boy is often cited as the biggest steam locomotive ever built, in fact it is not. Perhaps it was the name, simple and direct, scrawled on a locomotive under construction by an Alco shop worker. I have several two of which are brass left over form my old UP layout but i will have one at least sitting in my yard awaiting orders. This was true when the Bog Boy that was on display up in Vermont which now resides at Steam Town was moved. I will have to check with my friend the resident PRR historian to verify if they ever took delivery i do believe they did but don't quote me just yet.
It costs a lot of money to run that big monster and if anything happens to her such as a major break down they want to be with in a relatively reasonable towing distance..

The Norfolk and Western's Y6 and A, the Duluth Missabe and Iron Range's Yellowstone's, and the Chesapeake and Ohio's Allegheny's were all in the same league, and some exceeded the Big Boy's weight and power. The crew actually got the boiler fired up and felt confident that the big beast would make the trip however the DOT officials didn't feel the same way and was due in part to the size of the rails in Vermont where she used to live.
In addition to Proto-Sound 3.0, this well detailed model features sprung drivers, lighted marker lights, constant-voltage headlight, fully-detailed cab interior, cab-to-tender deck plate and die-cast boiler, chassis and tender.

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