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The first twenty-cylinder diesel ever produced, the EMD SD-45 set new standards in power and performance in the very competitive diesel market of the mid-sixties. Product Copy: MTH is proud to reintroduce a new generation of O Gauge tinplate lovers to the classic looks of the 800 series freight car.
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This 195-ton workhorse achieved a record-setting 3,600 horsepower, 600 more than the popular SD-40.
400, the first production SD-45, the "Hustle Muscle" in honor of the unique combination of power and speed produced by what was at the time the most powerful single-engine diesel-electric on the rails. Like their other Tinplate Traditions series bretheren, the 800 series cars are constructed entirely of stamped metal components.
With about one-quarter of the 1,200 units produced still active, the SD-45 is still a familiar sight on today's railroads more than 30 years after first hitting the rails. Each car features black oxide finished trucks, truck journal boxes and box couplers for that authentic look and feel of yesteryear.

Equally at home behind the MTH 260E, 263E or any other large O Gauge locomotive, these stunningly attractive freight cars add color and variety to any O Gauge layout or Christmas Garden.

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