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Primarily for HO but also for PS-2 (3 volt system) 'O' Gauge Locomotives running on smaller layouts.
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In DCS mode, the large LCD screen identifies your locomotive's number and provides readouts for scale speed and active features.
Adding a DCS Commander to your existing layout is simple: just insert it into the wires that connect your DC transformer or DCC system to the track. Proto-Sound 2.0* locomotives can operate on both AC or DC current, the DCS Commander may be the affordable DCS command control option you've been looking for.

Locomotives equipped with the 3-volt system can be indentified by the square battery charging jack located on the locomotive. I own G scale and if you have an MTH engine you need one of these to get all the features out of it.
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Use the engine menu to select and control up to 10 different DCS engines from a single Commander at the same time on the same track - or switch back to DCC or analog DC operation with the push of a button. In conventional mode, the LCD provides track voltage and amperage level readouts, making the Commander a full-featured DC controller.

The Commander can accept any power input (AC, DC or DCC) and output analog DC with voltage and amperage displays. The Commander also acts as a passive conduit for your DCC signal until you press the button to switch to DCS or conventional operation. Proto-Sound 2.0 three-volt systems can be identified by their square battery-charging jack on the locomotive chassis.

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